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The Real Reasons for the High Price of Prescription Glasses

The Real Reasons for the High Price of Prescription Glasses


Eyeglasses are an absolute necessity for hundreds of thousands of individuals because they enhance our overall standard of life and aid in clear vision. 

So what drives up the cost of eyewear? Most of you are undoubtedly asking yourself this question. It’s difficult to look past an accidental pair of spectacles that cost so much money without annoyance.

And if you purchase them during a discount, why does the price suddenly increase so much once you add the item to your cart? Even though specs at your local brick-and-mortar retailers aren’t cheap, one may argue that it’s because of the hidden fees associated with online buying.

Numerous factors negatively impact the cost of prescription eyeglasses.

Everything increases the price and worth of your designer glasses like Banana Republic glasses, from the materials used in the frames to the materials used in the lenses.

Where do you normally shop for your eyewear?

Certainly, purchasing glasses from a nearby optician has several advantages. You’ll receive individual attention, be able to customize your lenses by telling them about your lifestyle, have your pupillary distance measured, and even receive assistance in choosing the ideal frame.

Purchasing Banana Republic eyeglasses online is the greatest and most economical choice if you want to do things on your own or don’t mind taking some measurements. You can reduce a few dollars from the total cost.

Try purchasing eyeglasses online if you wear eyeglasses to enhance your appearance. You can safely purchase Banana Republic prescription glasses with reading lenses or glasses that block blue light from an online retailer as they don’t require a prescription.

Online stores provide a variety of selections on our website if you’re looking for affordable designer glasses. Remember to apply the coupon code if you want to receive further savings on anything you want.

Everything is contained within the frame

Your glasses are really just two lenses mounted on a frame when you start to think about it. Thus, these are essentially the components that should impact their price. 

The frame’s materials might be anything from common (aluminum and acetate) to unusual (wood or TR90). It implies that the price may vary depending on the material you select.


Acetate, which is made from cellulose fibers, is added to eyeglasses frames to increase their resilience to impact and longevity.

Acetate frames are hypoallergenic and biodegradable, in contrast to plastic ones, because of their robustness, acetate material is utilized in more premium eyewear items. Vibrant colors and elaborate or layered designs are also possible with this material. The majority of transparent eyewear worn by celebrities nowadays is composed of acetate.


Compared to acetate frames, metal frames are somewhat more robust and difficult to break. Metal’s malleability makes Banana Republic glasses frames lightweight and simple to modify.

Metal frames have several other options including titanium and stainless steel. The price of different kinds of metals varies. So, depending on the kind of metal you select, metal frames could range in price from being reasonably priced to being very costly.

Titanium frames are more popular because of their strength, flexibility, and shine. But these are a little pricey when purchased from us.


TR90 is a lightweight, flexible, and long-lasting thermoplastic because this material can bend when pressure is applied, and it is quite comfortable. It is typically utilized in sports spectacles that need to fit snugly because of this. These frames are less likely to break because of their extreme flexibility.

TR90 frames are less likely to break because of their extreme flexibility because they complement your busy lifestyle and provide a wonderful grip thanks to their rubber-like feel. No matter how vigorously the wearer moves, the frame conforms to the curves of their face and stays in place.


Wooden eyeglasses frames are very popular because of their uncomplicated designs and organic charm. But each pair of wooden eyewear is made by hand to preserve their unique appearance and unpolished touch. Furthermore, a wooden frame is worth a few extra pounds because it is an environmentally beneficial solution that uses natural resources.

Wooden eyewear is skin-safe, pleasant, and lightweight. Furthermore, wooden eyeglasses may exceed standard metal or acetate frames if you treat them well. The upscale appearance of wooden eyeglasses will offer you a distinctive yet elegant appearance.

Lens selections

Though most of us are aware that single-vision lenses are less expensive than varifocals, not everyone is aware that there are various kinds of lenses on the market.

Higher prescription wearers frequently have to make do with thicker-profile lenses. But, they don’t make your glasses seem good, so this is why high-index lenses are found in many designer eyewear frames. High-index lenses have a small profile and could be utilized for complicated or high-prescription medications.

If your frame features high-index lenses, the cost would also be expensive because they are not cheap.

Additional features for lenses

Regarding the lens coatings, there are also various options available because they improve the quality of eyeglasses and shield your eyes from damaging light.

Standard lens treatments do cost not too much, such as scratch-resistance or UV protection. However, adding anti-glare coatings to your glasses might significantly increase their cost.

Blue light blockers are essential for digital protection where AR coating prevents reflection on your eyeglasses lenses and enhances their appearance. Your optician would highly suggest different lens treatments for your prescription eyewear if you lead a lifestyle that involves a lot of screens time.

On the other hand, Eyeweb provides not one, not two, but three complimentary coatings with every pair of glasses we sell. Thus, in order to save money, purchase from us instead of paying extra for these extras.

Are expensive glasses a good investment?

To be honest, you should never sacrifice your goal to save money. Don’t get cheap eyewear simply because they are inexpensive. They won’t, but it doesn’t mean you should spend thousands of dollars on expensive glasses just because of their designer label. Instead, do some study to determine which online seller is offering the highest caliber glasses with fashionable frames at the most reasonable costs.