Home Auto Hyundai VENUE Features a Strong Body  Structure with Advanced High Strength  Steel (AHSS)  

Hyundai VENUE Features a Strong Body  Structure with Advanced High Strength  Steel (AHSS)  

Hyundai VENUE Features a Strong Body  Structure with Advanced High Strength  Steel (AHSS)  


The automotive industry has seen a significant rise in the demand for compact SUVs in recent years,  and Hyundai has responded to this trend by launching the VENUE. This compact SUV boasts a sleek  and stylish design and comes equipped with a strong body structure made with Advanced High  Strength Steel (AHSS).  

As safety concerns continue to be a top priority for consumers, Hyundai has made it its mission to  provide a vehicle that looks good and offers superior protection. This post will explore the features  and benefits of all new Hyundai Venue AHSS body structure and how it sets this compact SUV  apart from its competitors.  

Composition of the Body Structure: AHSS and HSS    

The body structure of the Hyundai VENUE showcases a remarkable composition, with a significant  emphasis on Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) and High Strength Steel (HSS). With a 69% AHSS  and HSS composition, the Venue car features a robust and durable framework that ensures  optimal safety and protection for its occupants.  

AHSS is known for its exceptional strength and rigidity, offering enhanced crashworthiness and  structural integrity. On the other hand, HSS provides added reinforcement to critical areas of the  body, further improving the car’s overall strength and stability.  

This meticulous combination of AHSS and HSS in the Hyundai VENUE’s body structure highlights  Hyundai’s commitment to delivering a safe and reliable SUV, providing drivers and passengers with  peace of mind on every journey.  

Exterior Materials: Aluminum and Composite    

Hyundai continues its commitment to innovation and excellence in the design of the Venue SUV, as  seen in the careful selection of materials for its exterior. The use of aluminium and composite  materials brings many benefits in terms of strength and durability.  

Aluminum, known for its lightweight yet sturdy properties, not only contributes to the overall  weight reduction of the Venue but also enhances fuel efficiency without compromising structural  integrity. Further, aluminium offers exceptional resistance against corrosion, ensuring that the  Venue’s exterior remains in pristine condition for years to come.  

Combining composite materials further reinforces the Venue’s body, enhancing impact resistance  and overall durability. This thoughtful integration of aluminium and composite materials  exemplifies Hyundai’s dedication to producing vehicles that deliver performance and longevity.  

Advantages of AHSS in the Framework  

The Venue car features a strong body structure that employs advanced high-strength steel (AHSS),  showcasing Hyundai’s commitment to safety and performance.  

AHSS is known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, allowing engineers to create a stronger  and lighter framework than traditional steel structures.  

This results in several advantages for the Venue SUV:  

1. AHSS enhances fuel efficiency by reducing overall vehicle weight, allowing for improved  mileage and reduced emissions. 

2. The lightweight and robust nature of AHSS contributes to improved aerodynamics, reducing  drag and enhancing the vehicle’s overall efficiency. 

3. The high strength of AHSS enhances occupant protection and safety, providing a sturdy  barrier against impact forces. 

By incorporating AHSS into the framework of the Venue, Hyundai has elevated the car’s  performance, fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and safety, ensuring a remarkable driving experience  for all.  

The Advanced Safety System of Hyundai VENUE    

The Hyundai VENUE SUV is equipped with an advanced safety system designed to provide stress free driving and enhance overall safety on the road. This system combines active and passive safety  features to offer comprehensive protection to occupants and prevent accidents.  

The VENUE includes features such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and traction control, which  work together to provide stability and improved handling, especially on slippery road conditions.  Additionally, the SUV is equipped with a sophisticated Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that ensures  precise and controlled braking, reducing the risk of skidding or loss of control.  

The VENUE also features advanced airbag systems strategically placed throughout the cabin,  including front, side, and curtain airbags, to provide maximum protection during a collision.  Furthermore, the SUV incorporates a rearview camera and parking sensors to assist in safe and  efficient manoeuvring, especially in tight spaces.  

With its comprehensive array of active and passive safety features, the Hyundai VENUE ensures all  occupants a secure and stress-free driving experience.  

Standard Safety Feature: Six Airbags  

The Hyundai VENUE car features six airbags as a standard safety feature, further enhancing  passenger protection on the road. These strategically placed airbags provide an additional layer of  security in the event of a collision, minimizing the risk of injuries to occupants. 

The six airbags include front airbags for the driver and front passenger, side airbags for enhanced  protection in the event of a side impact, and curtain airbags that protect passengers seated in the  front and rear.  

By incorporating six airbags as a standard feature, Hyundai demonstrates its commitment to  prioritizing passenger safety and providing peace of mind to all occupants of the VENUE SUV.  

Final Word  

The Hyundai VENUE’s strong body structure, reinforced with advanced high-strength steel, not only  provides a safe and secure driving experience but also adds to the overall durability and longevity  of the vehicle.  

This advanced technology showcases Hyundai’s commitment to producing top-of-the-line and high quality cars for their customers. With its impressive features and innovative design, the VENUE is a  testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence and continuous push of the boundaries of  automotive engineering. 

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