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How to Decorate Your Small Bedside Table Like a Pro

How to Decorate Your Small Bedside Table Like a Pro


Our nightstands, those champions by our beds, hold our nighttime treasures and hint at who we are. But tiny bedside tables can feel more like a warzone for those living in shoebox-sized rooms, constantly cramming function and style into a teeny tiny space.

But fret not, fellow space warriors! With a few savvy tricks and a dynamism of imagination, you can turn your small bedside table into a master of usefulness and good looks. We’re talking bedside table bliss!

Here Are The Top Tips To Decorate Your Bedside Table

1. Step One: The Declutter Debacle

Let’s get this nightstand situation under control! First things first, we have to declutter that drawer. We all know what’s hiding there: a graveyard of mismatched receipts and pens that mysteriously multiply. Here’s the motto: “Out with the old, in with the awesome” (or the cute or the funky zebra print – whatever makes you happy). Consider getting drawer dividers or little bins to wrangle those loose ends. Remember, a clean surface is a calming surface, and that’s key to catching some sweet dreams.     

2. Step Two: Lighting the Way

Tiny bedrooms need smart lightin’, and that goes double for your nightstand. A giant lamp can feel overbearing, so keep it sleek and simple. A swing-arm lamp is perfect for reading in bed, and a wall sconce frees up space on your already-crowded table. Plus, remember the magic of warm light! A soft glow relaxes you and can even help you sleep better.

Stacking and Styling: Masters of Multitasking

Alright, let’s jazz up your little place! Decorating transforms a small space from cramped to charming. Think of it as a chance to show off your fantastic style.

Now, let’s go vertical to make the most of what you’ve got! Stack some cool stuff up high. You could put a decorative box (perfect for hiding away those nighttime essentials) on a pile of coffee table books. Or, for a bit of fun, use a cute vintage teacup saucer as a tiny plant stand for a little succulent. The key is to layer things up without making the space feel cluttered. You got this!

Speaking of Layers: Trays and Textures

Not only do trays look snazzy, but they also wrangle up all those odds and ends that make your nightstand look like a disaster zone. Pick a tray that matches your style – shiny metal for a modern vibe or rough wood for something more down-to-earth.

On the tray, throw down some cool stuff you use daily: a little dish for your rings and earrings, a sleek phone charger, and a fancy coaster for your nightly cuppa. Speaking of textures, don’t be afraid to mix things up! A smooth ceramic vase filled with fluffy feathers adds some pizzazz. And hey, experiment a little! Throwing in something unexpected can make your little masterpiece one-of-a-kind.

Personality Parade: Bringing You In

You dig your space, so make it all about you! Stuff it with things that make you grin like a goofball. Do you have a pic with your best buds that make you snort every time? Slap a frame on that! Snagged a goofy souvenir on a trip that makes you want to pack your bags again? Stick it on a shelf! Did you find a seashell on the beach that whispered secrets about the ocean? Let it chill by the window. These knick-knacks tell your story like a scrapbook come to life!

Do you want to show off your hobbies? Could you do it? Globe for the travel bug? Heck yeah! Vintage specs for the bookworm? Rad! Little statue for the art fanatic? Sculpt it up! This stuff isn’t just decorations; it’s a shout-out to the things that set your soul on fire. So next time someone crashes at your pad, they’ll walk away knowing they just hung out with the coolest cat (or kitten) around!

The Final Touches: Finishing Flourishes

You know what? Sometimes, the tiniest tweaks can make a world of difference. Picture this:

  • A little sprig of lavender by your bed.
  • Smelling all fresh and calming.
  • Bringing a bit of the outdoors in.

How about a fancy candle (with a lid, got to be safe!), setting a warm and cozy mood? And don’t even sleep on scents! An oil diffuser with a chill vibe can turn your bedroom into a sleep haven.


Listen up! Decorating your nightstand isn’t about going overboard. You have to balance function, style, and what makes you happy. With a smidge of planning and a sprinkle of creativity, that mini table can become your cozy haven, a reflection of your fabulous self. Along with a small bedside table, you can incorporate a small wine cabinet to give your room a more luxurious look. So, conquer that tiny territory and transform your small space into a slumber-inducing zone with significant style!