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How do I book multiple seats on Spirit Airlines?


There are several travelers who prefer to travel via Spirit Airlines, either with their families or work colleagues as a group. These travelers have the option either to add seats or if there are more than 9 passengers they must make Spirit Airlines group bokingsYou can register your group request online and get the preferd arrangements confirmed. If you have never traveled via this airline and are confused about the process, then you must refer to the following important details given in the following section:

Benefits of making Spirit Airlines group reservation:

Group travel booking offers numerous benefits to spirit passengers as compared to individual booking. Some of the crucial associated benefits are as follows:

  • These travelers have the option of making name corrections for free up to 30 days before flight departure.
  • They can travel ticketless.
  • These travelers are assisted by spirit representatives at the airport and throughout their journey.
  • Every member of the group will get the same ticket cost.
  • Group travelers have the option to add a passenger after making a reservation.

Spirit Airlines group booking policies:

Spirit enables travelers to make group reservations. However, they have framed several important policies so that travelers do not have any confusion. The main policies are mentioned below:

  • The groups in Spirit Airines must at least consist of 10 passengers or more.
  • Group travelers can always carry their infants on their lap, and the kids will not be considered as group members.
  • Though travelers are allotted seats together on Spirit Airlines, if they have any specific requirements, they can get it arranged by contacting Spirit Airlines.
  • Spirit Airines group booking does not guarantee discounted flight fares, but they are the same for every member.

The process to book Spirit Airlines tickets for a group:

Group bookings can be made by following the steps given below:

  • Visit the official Spirit Airlines website.
  • Head to the group-travel section.
  • Now, you must fill out the group travel form.
  • Press the submit button.
  • If your group is accepted you will receive an email confirming the same.
  • Now you must provide all the information of the passengers.
  • Make payment to complete the process.