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What Are Silly Grammar Mistakes to Avoid During Assignment Writing?

What Are Silly Grammar Mistakes to Avoid During Assignment Writing?

Students find it hard to write in English without making an error. These mistakes are not that huge. They are mostly common and silly in all assignments. But you can avoid them by reading and knowing them. Grammar is not something you muggle on. Grammatical rules are simple, yet most scholars fail to implement them.

Nowadays, writing in short form using a new abbreviation and Gen-Z slang is becoming very regular. Thus, this leads to many mistakes while writing an assignment. Then, scholars need to edit and proofread their written content many times. But you can use the Free Grammar checker. Here, they will tell you all the corrections and changes that are required to be done in your written content. After implementing them in your assignment, it will be perfect and error-free for submission.

7 Common Grammar Mistakes to Eliminate in Your Assignment 

Revise and repeat grammar rules so you do not create the same error again. Writing assignments with no grammatical errors could be a task. But, worry not to make a list and tick all the checkboxes. So, your written work will not get rejected by the professor.

To use correct grammar, you need to be detail-oriented. After writing the assignment, proofread your work twice and thrice to avoid any refusal during submission. It will help you understand your mistakes and improve them. These are correct and incorrect use of punctuation, synonyms, and Subject-verb agreement.

Use of Punctuation: Most student uses punctuation unnecessarily. Sometimes, it makes sentences too long by adding too many commas. Understand the difference in the use of hyphens and dashes.

What is the difference between single inverted commas and double inverted commas?

Knowing all this could help you enhance your writing. Using accurate and proper punctuation could help you write clear and concise sentences.  

Incorrect Sentence: So lets start with first understanding the structure of the presentation. 

Correct Sentence: So, let’s start with first understanding about the structure of the presentation. 

Formation of Sentence: It comprises a subject and verb with their correct placement, you can form a grammatically correct sentence. Scholars try to adjust everything in one sentence and, that leads to the formation of long and incorrect sentences. However, you can use assignment help programming, where experts assist you with grammatical errors.

Incorrect Sentence: Are you thinking about how, so the answer is that when you plan and outline your assignment, you get a structured idea of what you will write.

Correct Sentence: Are you thinking about how? So, the answer is that when you plan and outline your assignment, you get a structured idea of what you will write. 

Incorrect Use of Synonyms: To convey the same meaning students, try to repeat the words. That leads to the unnecessary use of synonyms and, often it changes the meaning of sentences. Instead of using synonyms that mould the essence of writing, try replacing them with words which fit perfectly. Your goal is to write an assignment that is simple to read and understand by the professor.

Incorrect Sentence: There is no need to diverge over the internet now.

It means not to separate over the internet.

Correct Sentence: There is no need to wander over the internet now.

It means not getting lost on the internet.

Use of Complex Language: To make a good impression, scholars try using complex words and typical language. That changes the meaning of what you are trying to convey. Your assignment should have a high score in readability. You can get assistance from assignment help programming, where they can do your grammar check and help you solve all issues.

Incorrect Sentence: Not hierarchizing your commitments can originate pandemonium and may have a detrimental effect.

Correct Sentence: Not prioritizing your commitments can create chaos and may have a negative impact.

Gen-Z Abbreviation: Over the years, Gen-Z language has evolved so much. They have formed almost a new dictionary of weird words that do not even mean around the word. Do not use such abbreviations in your assignment. For example, Ate is the past tense of the word eat, whereas in Gen-Z slang, it means someone who has done an excellent job.

Incorrect Sentence: You know what he just shadow-banned me.

Correct Sentence: You know what, he blocked me and I do not even know that.

Subject-Verb Agreements: It means you have to put a singular verb with a plural subject and a plural verb when the subject is singular. To implement this, read your sentence out loud to understand the issue. The placement of verbs and subjects makes or breaks the sentence.

Incorrect Sentence: Geography are Andy’s favorite subject, while Civics are Max’s favorite subject.

Correct Sentence: Geography is Andy’s favourite subject, while Civics is Max’s favourite subject.

Right Use of Tense: There are three different types of tenses: past, present, and future. They all describe events that have happened or are happening or will happen. Students in many cases, get confused and choose the wrong tense. It conveys the incorrect meaning of written content. Usage of the correct form of verbs and follow format can help.

Incorrect Sentence: I conducted this event last year and it go well.

Correct Sentence: I conducted this event last year, and it went well.


In conclusion, these are not that big mistakes. Students need some time and basic knowledge of grammar rules. Reading your work and finding your own mistakes is very hard. One can not figure out their error effortlessly. There are other options like Free Grammar Checker, where you can get to know what are the inaccuracies in your assignment and some suggestions to correct them. Knowing all the grammar rules will help to avoid making silly mistakes. This will improve your time efficiency. So, it is necessary to use all grammar rules. The quality of words used also enhances your writing, which makes the reader’s experience better. So, it is crucial to use all grammar rules.

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