Home Travel Don’t Let Tiny Chips Get You Down: A Guide to Car Paint Chip Repair

Don’t Let Tiny Chips Get You Down: A Guide to Car Paint Chip Repair

Don’t Let Tiny Chips Get You Down: A Guide to Car Paint Chip Repair
Car Paint Chip Repair


We all love our cars—driving around the country, running errands, just getting around. But cars, even the luxury ones, aren’t above the occasional battle scar, the invidious car paint chip, nick, or gouge. Even the smallest damage can negatively impact your car’s overall appearance and expose the metal underneath to rust.

Never fear, car lovers! Car paint chip repair is an easy procedure that will restore your car’s pristine, blemish-free appearance. Here is the lowdown on all you need to know about fixing those ugly chips.

Car Paint Chip Repair: Do it yourself or seek professional help?

The nature of the damage and your tolerance for discomfort determine whether or not you need to visit your physician. Here is a quick guide. :

  • If your chip is small, shallow, and hasn’t gouged through to the metal underneath, you can find a DIY option at any auto parts store for a paltry sum—a paint-pen set suitable for minor car paint chips. Such a kit will typically include touch-up paint, a clear coat for the touch-up area, some sandpaper, and various applicators.
  • If there’s a deep-down chip, extensive damage, or you’re just not confident in your do-it-yourself ability, wait for the experts; they’ll have the skill, kit, and know-how to produce a seamless match with your original paint and have it looking as good as new. 

Repairing Car Paint Chips: A DIY Approach

If you choose to do so and your chip looks minor, here is a very generic how-to process for DIY car paint chip repair:  If you liked this post, then you might enjoy our recent articles below: 

  • Gather Your Supplies: You will need a car paint chip repair kit. 
  • To remove dirt, grime, or wax that could hinder your repair efforts, wipe clean with rubbing alcohol.
  • Masking (optional): To help avoid smudging the undamaged paint, use masking tape to create a small border on the edge of the chipped area.
  • Time to Touch-Up: Use the brush or applicator provided with your kit to apply a small dab of touch-up paint to your chipped panel. It’s better to apply multiple thin coats to a chip-in-paint job rather than one thick glob. Let each coat dry completely before applying the next.
  • Buff and shine: When the paint is dry and has cured (your kit should include drying times), buff the area lightly with the microfiber cloth to give it a nice finish, then apply a light coat of clear coat (included in most kits).

Car paint chip repair: tips for a flawless finish

Here are some additional pointers to ensure a successful DIY car paint chip repair :

  • Work in well-lit, clean surroundings: Bright light helps you see the chipped area more clearly, and a clean environment prevents dust and other debris from settling on the paint while it’s still wet.
  • Shake well: To ensure an exact paint colour, please shake the container before each use.
  • Be patient: take your time, put down thin layers, and let them dry properly before applying any more. Hurrying too much can lead to a patchy or uneven finish. 
  • Less is more: it is always better to start lightly and layer on more paint if necessary. Applying too much paint at one time can result in a repaired patch that looks different from the rest of the surface.

Car paint chip repair: Prevention is key

Even though repairing car paint chips can improve the appearance of your vehicle, prevention is always better than cure. So, here are 5 ways to keep your car paint-free. 

  1. Try to avoid parking in direct sunlight. 
  2. Keep your vehicle in a garage, or at least use a carport. 
  3. Clean your car after every journey with a thorough weekly clean as well. 
  4. Check over your car at the end of each journey and immediately fix any stone chips. 
  5. If possible, try to keep your car away from high-traffic areas..

Repairing Car Paint Chips: Keeping Your Vehicle Looking Sharp

When you see that all-clean paint glittering like a jewel on a DIY repaint or a pro job, you don’t just smile at the car; you smile for the owner who drove a little taller because his car looked great again. So, keep your paint hydrated and fix those chips when you see them, and that car will still be the most admired rolling down the road by viewers after another 10 years or more!