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Chemical Peel: How It Works

Chemical Peel: How It Works

Despite being one of the most popular cosmetic dermatology procedures, we frequently wonder, “How does a chemical peel work?” let’s find out about it in detail. We will also learn where to get Chemical Peel Treatment in Delhi. Firstly, let’s know what the purpose of chemical peel is.   

What is the Purpose of a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a common cosmetic dermatology technique used to improve the appearance of the skin. A chemical solution is applied to the skin, which exfoliates and eventually causes it to peel off. Following the removal of the treated skin, newly regenerated skin is left that is frequently smoother and has improved tone and color.

Based on their properties of penetrating the skin layers, there are three types of chemical peels: superficial, medium, and deep. 

  • Superficial Peel: In a superficial peel, the skin’s outer layer surface is penetrated using a weak acid, such as Jessner’s solution. This peel softly exfoliates the skin to enhance the appearance of moderate skin discolouration, rough skin, and acne.
  • Medium Peel: This peel is applied to the skin’s outer and middle layers during a medium peel. This treatment addresses age spots, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, and moderate skin discolouration, in addition to smoothing rough skin.
  • Deep Peel: Deep peels use phenol or trichloroacetic acid to reach the skin’s middle layer. They can remove moderate age spots, wrinkles, freckles, and minor scars. 

How Do Chemical Peels Work?

The four main advantages of chemical peels are the reduction of acne and acne scarring, the reduction of hyperpigmentation, the boost of skincare products, and the reduction of aging indicators. However, how can a single procedure offer so many distinct advantages? Let’s learn.

  • Chemical peels work by clearing the pores, dissolving clogged hair follicles, and eliminating bacteria to help lessen acne now and in the future. 
  • Exfoliation eliminates extra collagen, reducing hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Additionally, by exfoliating the skin, skincare products can penetrate it more deeply and produce better effects. 
  • Furthermore, chemical peels not only aid in the breakdown of excess collagen but also stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and elastin, which reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

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