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5 Tips to Prepare for the BITSAT Examination in Advance.

5 Tips to Prepare for the BITSAT Examination in Advance.
Prepare for the BITSAT


The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test are known as the BITSAT exam. The entrance exam is administered online by the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), located in Pilani.

Every year, the university administers this test to candidates seeking admission to any of its three campuses—Pilani, Hyderabad, or Goa. Admissions are available for M.Sc. programmes, BE, BPharm, and B.Tech courses.

What Is the BITSAT Exam and Everything You Should Know About It.

It is essentially an entrance exam for students who want to study engineering at the undergraduate level, such as for a BE or B.Tech degree. The application forms for this exam must be submitted by April 9th. To take their online tests, registered applicants can obtain their admission card and participate in the online sessions.

BITSAT Exam Information – The BITSAT Application Process
There are several steps involved in the BITSAT exam application process. When registering for the BITSAT exam online, you will come across the following procedures:

  • The initial step in the BITSAT application procedure is registration. Applicants must register by making an account on the official website. You’ll need to supply a working mobile number and email address for this.
    You will primarily receive information from BITS Pilani regarding any exam-related communications via your email address and mobile number.
  • Completing the Form: You must log into your account after registering on the website in order to complete the application. You will also need to fill up the online form with your academic, communication, and biographical information.
    Subsequently, you will have to choose one of the three exam locations in the order of your choice.
  • Uploading Your Documents: The next step is to upload scanned copies of your official signature and photos to the website in order to confirm all the information you have supplied.
  • Payment of the Application Fee: After completing the application and uploading the required files, you will be prompted to make an online payment for the application cost. You can use UPI, credit, debit, or net banking to accomplish this.
  • BITSAT Application Form Submission: All you need to do is submit your online application after you’ve paid the application fees. Before submitting your form, make sure you have one final time verified all the information you submitted.

BITSAT Qualifications: Who Is Eligible To Take The BITSAT Exam?

It’s important to remember that admissions will only be granted based on merit, with entrance exam results serving as the basis for the student’s merit rank. Candidates who qualify must meet these requirements:

Students who completed Biology/Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics in their eleventh and twelfth grades are qualified to apply. With at least 60% in each topic, they need to achieve a 75% overall score. To sit for the exam, you need to receive these minimum scores.

Applicants may apply if they passed their 12th-grade exams no later than a year ago. For instance, you can apply to take the BITSAT exam in 2023 if you passed your 12th grade in 2020. Students who graduated in 2019 are not permitted to make an appearance.
Only the most recent scores obtained by candidates who have attempted their boards more than once will be taken into account.

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The BITSAT Exam Schedule

Exam questions will cover topics from physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, logical reasoning, and English language proficiency, among other subjects. Here’s a closer look at what to anticipate from each of these topics/categories:

  • Physics: Units and measurement, Heat and thermodynamics, rotational motion, solid mechanics, and other topics are likely to come up.
  • Chemistry: Topics covered include atomic structure, states of matter, elements of the s and p blocks, physical and chemical equilibrium, organic chemistry concepts, hydrocarbons, etc.
  • Mathematics: Differential calculus, algebra, trigonometry, three-dimensional geometry, and linear programming
  • Logical Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning: Analogy, classification, a passage from a book, and numerous other examples.

Figure Matrix, paper cutting, and rule detection are examples of nonverbal reasoning.

Proficiency in Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Analogy, and Writing in English.

Ways to Get Ready for 2024’s BitSAT?

  • Understand Your Course Material

Before starting the preparation process, it is recommended that students review the official curriculum for BITSAT 2024. The themes, topics, and units that must be studied for the entrance exam will be made known to the students through the syllabus. Having a solid understanding of the material in advance can also help candidates prepare effectively for BITSAT 2024. The 2024 BITSAT syllabus would cover subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Proficiency, and Logical Reasoning.

  • Take Practice Exams

During the examination preparation phase, mock examinations are crucial. The candidates will be able to get a feel for the exam and learn how the question papers will be formatted through mock exams. Students will be able to evaluate their present level of exam preparation and advancement through mock exams.

  • Time Management

Time management is another crucial area where candidates need to improve. The exam must be finished in the allocated amount of hours, thus students need to make sure they have time management skills. Applicants can get practice finishing the practice test and last year’s papers in the allotted time.

  • Get your notes ready.

It is recommended that candidates make notes on challenging subjects while they are studying. Through taking notes, the candidates will be able to review the material at any time and from any location. The candidate’s misgivings will also be dispelled by these notes.

  • Revise Frequently

One preparation exercise that students should incorporate into their everyday schedule is revision. Students who regularly revise their work are less likely to forget the material they have previously learned. In order for applicants to feel more secure about their current exam preparation, revision is also crucial.


  • Is the month-long preparation sufficient to pass the BITSAT?

Experts recommend that students spend at least three months before the exam day properly preparing for it. However, candidates must continuously study for nine to ten hours every day if they begin their test preparation and study sessions a month ahead of the exam day.

  • How hard is it to pass the BITSAT?

Every year, BITSAT is an extremely difficult exam that is taken by 3 lakh students. Furthermore, there aren’t many openings. Therefore, it is essential that students study hard for the exam in order to secure a spot.

  • Is it crucial to go over the full BITSAT syllabus?

Yes, during the BITSAT preparation, the complete syllabus ought to be covered. Removing a topic could lead to a lower grade.

  • Are LR and English prerequisites for passing the BITSAT exam?

Indeed. Many applicants tend to overlook English and Logical Reasoning, although doing well in these areas will improve their exam scores overall. For this reason, mastering these subjects is essential to passing the BITSAT exam.

An esteemed entrance exam, the BITSAT, is administered annually at the national level. But, with over 3 lakh applicants, the exam is also very tough. Students who want to take the BITSAT in order to gain admission must therefore work very hard.

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