A DJ can set the whole tone for a reception – the style of music, the way the announcements are made and whether or not the DJ can get all your guests on the dance floor. When looking for the best DJ Entertainment Companies, you should ask yourself some key questions as given below to make sure you hire someone who will reflect your personality and make your wedding the most amazing night you can imagine.

  1. What is included in the package?

You don’t want any surprises at the front desk when the DJ asks about the final balance of their services. Before you sign on that dotted line, ask about additional travel fees, setup fees, equipment fees, and whether the DJ requires food or a hotel room or anything else you can think of. Look for company which is 100% transparent about the cost of your event and that the total amount is clearly stated in the contract. You are there to enjoy yourself, not stress about unexpected fees.

  1. What if the DJ cannot attend wedding due to last minute emergency?

Famous DJ companies usually have a contingency plan for your wedding DJ should an emergency arise. If the DJ company appears to be a “one man show”, what happens when they get sick? If the company has multiple DJs, will another DJ replace the DJ who can’t make it? These scenarios don’t come up usually, but this question is extremely important when interviewing wedding DJ companies.

  1. Backup equipment in case something goes wrong?

If the mixer goes out, or if the laptop crashes, or if the speaker becomes faulty, your DJ will need to have additional equipment in place to switch over quickly to avoid interference. Inquire your DJ if they have backup equipment on site in case the equipment fails on your wedding day.

  1. Reputation of DJ service?

An important thing that you do not want is a wedding DJ who is unprepared, unsure of where to set up, and doesn’t even know where the electrical outlets are. Having a DJ who has worked in many events and knows the country will save you a lot of trouble on your wedding day. Most venues should also allow the DJ to see the site beforehand to get comfortable with the layout.

  1. Ask about working plan for the day?

A DJ needs an organized reception plan and should also work with you to create playlists for each part of the wedding reception if you want to select music for those parts. If the DJ is also emceeing, he will finalize the names of family members and wedding guests during the Final Details meeting. Per photo booth rental company, the DJ should also work with other vendors such as catering and photography to keep the timeline under control and the night flowing from one event to the next. 

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