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Tracking Solutions to Improve Resource Management



In today’s world, managing resources efficiently is very important for any organization. Location services have become essential tools to achieve this, significantly improving resource management. Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are one of the key technologies making this possible. PenTrack, a leader in this field, offers advanced location services that streamline operations and boost efficiency. This article explains how PenTrack’s RTLS technology helps improve resource management across various sectors.

1. Tracking the Location of Things

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are changing how we manage assets and personnel. PenTrack uses RTLS with BLE 5.1 technology, allowing very accurate tracking. This technology helps in tracking assets and people inside buildings like hospitals and large companies. All these solutions are accessible through a single software dashboard, making it easy to manage everything in one place.

2. Asset Tracking

Effective asset tracking ensures that essential items are always available, especially in hospitals. PenTrack uses RTLS tags and technology to manage the supply of important equipment, making sure it is always on hand when needed. This system helps hospitals manage their equipment better, reducing unnecessary spending on new equipment or rentals. Additionally, it prevents loss of expensive equipment through alerts when items go missing.

3. Workflow

Tracking staff and visitors is important for efficient management of the workforce and customer experience. PenTrack’s location services provide visibility of where staff members are, ensuring they are always where they need to be. This system can also automatically alert team members when extra help is needed, making management more efficient and improving service.

4. Automated Attendance

PenTrack allows automatic attendance tracking through presence detection. This increases accountability and productivity for staff and administrators. It eliminates the need for manual reporting, making attendance tracking more efficient and accurate. With higher accountability, organizations can maintain a productive and well-managed workforce.

5. Who Does PenTrack Help Most?

PenTrack’s location services benefit a variety of professionals and industries:

  • Facility Managers: PenTrack helps optimize resources and improve efficiency with asset tracking and indoor analytics.
  • Hospital Administrators: PenTrack’s staff locating and asset tracking improve staff and patient experiences while enhancing operational efficiency.
  • HR Managers: PenTrack’s automated attendance and compliance tracking streamline workforce management and ensure adherence to company policies.
  • Manufacturing Plant Supervisors: PenTrack helps manage machinery and equipment, ensuring worker safety and quality control through business rules compliance.

6. Calculate Your Hospital’s ROI

Organizations interested in using PenTrack’s location services can use the ROI calculator to see the potential revenue benefits. By selecting the appropriate services, users can evaluate the financial impact of implementing PenTrack’s tracking solutions.

7. Who We Serve

PenTrack serves a wide range of sectors with scalable and flexible location services tailored to meet specific needs:

  • Healthcare: Improving efficiency and care delivery.
  • Retail: Enhancing visitor experience and operational efficiency.
  • Enterprise: Streamlining commercial operations and management.
  • Airports: Improving passenger experience and operational efficiency.
  • Education: Ensuring a safer and more efficient learning environment.
  • Industrial: Enhancing workforce safety and more.


Location services are crucial for effective resource management, offering numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and reduced costs. PenTrack’s RTLS technology provides accurate and reliable tracking, making it easier to manage assets and personnel. With its flexibility and scalability, PenTrack can meet the specific needs of various industries, transforming the way organizations operate. As technology advances, location services will continue to grow in importance, further improving resource management and operational efficiency.