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Top-quality Sandblasting Services in NJ


Rusty Lions is the premiere provider of sandblasting services in New Jersey. We ensure long service life and lower maintenance of your components with safe and effective sandblasting services. 

We fulfill all your needs and make your product stand out in the market with superior aesthetics and performance. From roughening or smoothing a part to removing old paint and preparing surfaces for a new coating job – whatever your sandblasting requirements, Rusty Lions can help. 

We can sandblast practically anything – including metals, glass, wood, plastic, and many other surfaces. 

 Benefit from Premium Sandblasting Services

Rusty Lions is the leading metal finishing company in New Jersey. We have served multiple industries and transformed their products with durable and attractive features. We have completed thousands of projects for two decades, with hundreds of happy clients who value our services.  

Our sandblasting clients include:

·        Automotive parts

·        Architectural applications

·        Industrial Equipment

·        Agricultural Parts

·        Commercial Products

·        Domestic Items

Our expertise allows us to handle small fabricator jobs to large batch orders with expertise. We specialize in sandblasting metals like aluminum, as well as other items like glass, wood, and even concrete. 

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At Rusty Lions, our abrasive media blasting solutions are intelligently and innovatively completed to offer exceptional​ results. Apart from sand, we also use soda and water to achieve the precision finishing that you desire. 

Contact us today at 347-613-8103 to learn more about our sandblasting services. You can also send us an email at info@rustylions.com to get in touch.