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Top 10 Most Popular Degrees in the Italy in 2024 

Top 10 Most Popular Degrees in the Italy in 2024 


Italy is one of the nations which have a major role in the European Renaissance. It’s a country that blends rich history and culture with modernity. The country has gained popularity for a variety of reasons one of which is higher education. A large number of students from throughout the world come to Italy for higher education after completing their school or pre-university education. Cities like Milan and the capital city, Rome are very active in providing quality education to worldwide students. 

The universities in Italy offer degrees in various disciplines. Both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are available in this nation. Here, you will read about the top 10 most popular degrees in Italy in 2024. 

1. International Politics, Law and Economics (IPLE) (Bachelor’s) 

Bachelor’s course in International Politics, Law and Economics (IPLE) can be marked as one of the top courses in Italy. The University of Milan offers a world-class education in this course. There are some excellent places for student accommodation Milan near the University of Milan. In this course, you find interdisciplinary education in political science, law, economics, history, and sociology. A particular emphasis is given to the political, economic, and legal dimensions of the contemporary global context. 

2. Economics: Behavior, Data and Policy (Bachelor’s) 

Bachelor’s course in Economics: Behavior, Data and Policy is another one of the best courses for students in Italy. The aim of this course is to provide a basic and solid knowledge of the theory of economics including its principles as well as its quantitative and statistical tools. 

By gaining the knowledge from this course, you can develop the ability to produce research and analyses in every field of economics. 

3. Artificial Intelligence (Bachelor’s) 

We can mark the bachelor’s course in Artificial Intelligence also one of the best courses in Italy. You can find a world-class course in this discipline also in the University of Milan. Besides, there is a similar course at the Sapienza University of Rome. A popular bachelor’s degree course in artificial intelligence at the Sapienza University of Rome is “Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence”. Students enrolled in Sapienza University of Rome also find some wonderful places for student accommodation Rome

The program teaches people about artificial intelligence, covering its theories, methods, and uses. This helps spread knowledge and skills in AI, encouraging new ideas and progress. Graduates will have a wide range of skills in the new-age technology by studying this program in Italy. 

4. Ancient Civilizations for the Contemporary World (Bachelor’s) 

This course is jointly hosted by two universities, which are the University of Milan La Statale and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. It addresses the present, multi-disciplinary, and global debate on the significance of studying ancient civilizations in order to critically assess the complexities of today’s world. 

5. Law and Sustainable Development (Master’s) 

The LL.M. in Law and Sustainable Development trains professionals to apply their advanced legal expertise alongside an understanding of socio-economic issues. They use this knowledge to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in public and private organizations worldwide, at different levels - international, national, and local. 

6. Biomedical Omics (BO) (Master’s) 

In the Master’s Program in Biomedical Omics, students get a broad understanding of omics disciplines that are applied to medicine and first-hand practical experience with various omics techniques. 

7. Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (Master’s) 

The Master’s course in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine educates professionals who have a solid theoretical and technical background. They can develop scientific methodologies and coordinate research projects in the fields of applied biotechnology and translational medicine. This course can also be marked as one of the top degree courses in Italy in 2024. 

8. Environmental and Food Economics (Master’s) 

Master’s course in Environmental and Food Economics is offered by the University of Milan and some other Italian universities. In fact, this course represents a novelty in the Italian university system as it combines topics of environmental and climate change economics with the economics and management of the agri-food sector. 

9. Plant Science (Master’s) 

Master’s degree in Plant Science is aimed at training professionals who have a solid and integrated cultural background in basic biology, which is appropriate for applications in various areas of biology and focuses mainly on plant science. In this course, students obtain a superior level of scientific preparation as well as deep knowledge and skills. Molecular and cellular aspects have been considered and goals like plant breeding and the preservation and protection of natural plant species have not been neglected. 

10. Data Science for Economics (Master’s) 

The Master of Science in “Data Science for Economics” is a degree course to provide a modern and effective educational program for students who are interested in data science issues and have a special focus on applications to the economic field.