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The Ultimate Guide to Designing Custom Cosmetic Packaging

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Custom Cosmetic Packaging


In the current business scenario, every entrepreneur thinks of how their products can make a first impression. Customers always see the packaging of the product first. So, the startup business needs to start implementing an eye-catching design of their custom packaging to boost their brand and insist the customers pick their products

The cosmetic industry has gone extremely advanced in regards to packaging its products. For a new startup business, it will be challenging to reach the audience. This post will help you design excellently to achieve a sales boost and brand identity.

Step 1: Know Your Brand

The first step is to make a clear concept of your brand. Brainstorm these queries. What makes your brand unique? What are the brand values and who is your audience?

To make it simple, a brand manufactures products of natural ingredients. They might use soil or earth tones and natural textures on their packaging.

To understand the concept of the target audience I would like to give an example of a brand who are targeting teenagers for its cosmetic products. They might use bright colors and trendy fonts.

Step 2: Research on the same niche

Go or surf online on what other cosmetic brands in your niche are doing with their packaging. What design elements do they use and are working well? and What could be improved?

This will help you identify trends and avoid creating packaging that blends in with the crowd.

Competitor Analysis

You need to pay attention to the materials, colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic used by your competitors.

Trend Spotting

Always look for current emerging trends like the use of sustainable materials, minimalist designs, interactive elements, etc.

Step 3: Choose the Right Packaging Material

Functionality and aesthetics are the key elements that catch the customers with one look. You must consider the compatibility, durability, and sustainability of your cosmetic product and its packaging.


The material you choose must be compatible with the cosmetic product like there are glass jars for creams and lotions. But plastic tubes are better for liquids and gels.


You must know the weight and fragility of your product when choosing a material for packaging them. Your packaging must protect your delicate products.


Many consumers are looking for eco-friendly options. Consider using recycled materials, biodegradable materials, or refillable packaging.

Leak-proof Design

leak-proof packaging is essential for liquid or cream products,  to prevent mess and ensure product quality.

Portion Control

For some products, packaging that allows for controlled dispensing can be helpful to prevent waste.

For example, eye cream jars with small pumps can help customers avoid using too much product.

Step 5: The most entertaining step is design

Your experts must be creating a visually appealing design for your packaging. These are the things to keep a keen eye on:


This element refers back to step 1 because cool colors can influence purchasing decisions and you need to print according to the target customers.


The font you choose can set the tone for your brand.

Go for a playful script font that might be suitable for fun. but for a more modern look opt for a classic serif font.


Consider using high-quality images of your product or ingredients on your packaging. This can help customers understand what they’re buying.

Step 6: Don’t forget to add the details

Clearly list the product name, ingredients, and usage instructions on your packaging. Also, include any necessary warnings or expiration dates. Ensure your packaging includes any necessary barcodes or labels required for retail sale.

Step 7: Create prototypes and then test

Before you go into full production, create prototypes of your packaging design. This allows you to test the functionality and overall user experience.

Be prepared to refine your design based on feedback. The prototyping and testing phase is crucial for ensuring your packaging is perfect.

Step 8: The final step is to partner with the right manufacturer

Your packaging manufacturer must be experienced with the design, choosing materials, and perfect finishes

Make sure to ask them about their minimum order quantities (MOQs). This is the minimum number of units you must order at a time. You must plan your production according to your budget because customized packaging is a bit costly.


By following these eight steps into your custom cosmetic packaging design, you can create a product that stands out on shelves. Give proper time and effort to create a box that, resonates with your target audience. This will ultimately drive sales of your product. Remember, your packaging is a silent salesperson. Make sure to design in a way that your cosmetic box can tell a compelling story about your brand. The premium quality box will say all about your amazing cosmetics products.