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The Importance of Proper Aftercare Following Root Canal Treatment



Taking care of your mouth after a root canal treatment is important. Your mouth is still healing, and you must be careful about what you eat and drink. You may have slight pain and sensitivity in your teeth; you need proper mouth care to manage it. Taking the right post-treatment measures can help you recover soon from the treatment. Here are some of the things you need to know about root canal post-treatment care:

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental treatment for an infection that has reached inside the tooth pulp. The tooth has some layers; the deepest layer is the pulp, which keeps the tooth strong. If that layer gets infected, you may lose your tooth. To protect your tooth, a root canal treatment is necessary.

A root canal can save your tooth and keep it healthy. If you experience symptoms like tooth sensitivity, consistent pain, bleeding gums, or swelling, visit your dentist aventura immediately and discuss your symptoms.

How To Recover Quickly From Root Canal Treatment

Don’t Eat Right After the Treatment

After the root canal treatment, avoid eating until the numbness disappears. You may chew your tongue or hurt the impacted area when eating in numbness. You may not feel pain at that time, but sometimes, when the numbness goes completely, you will feel throbbing pain, and the treatment may be spoiled. So, eat after the numbness is gone. Talk to a dentist office near me open about the food you can eat.

Elevate Your Head And Hold Off On Eating

Following the operation, you will have discomfort and swelling in the oral area. For the first few nights, as you heal, you may reduce that swelling by sleeping with your head up. Keeping your head elevated with an extra cushion might also reduce the pain.

Take Over-The-Counter Painkillers

Even though the operation was painless, when the anesthesia wears off, you’ll feel pain and discomfort in your jaw and gums. Your root canal specialist near me will prescribe you some medication to relieve the pain.

Use Warm Salted Water to Gargle

You can avoid infection in the gums around your damaged tooth by gargling with salt and warm water. The ideal proportion of salt to water is around half a tablespoon to one cup of warm water. Ensure that you use warm water, not hot water.

Eat Cool Ice-cream and chilled packs

After your root canal treatment, you can eat ice cream and apply cold compresses, which will help reduce the swelling in your mouth. Avoid eating ice cream with that part of your mouth, as you can have dental sensitivity in the impacted tooth. After the root canal treatment, apply a cold compress several times a day for up to 15 minutes until the swelling goes down completely.

Avoid inflammatory triggers

Ice cream and cold compresses can reduce the swelling caused by your treatment. While you’re healing, avoid smoking, drinking through straws, consuming alcohol, and drinking hot beverages. These are all potential causes of inflammation. Additionally, stay away from foods that may get caught between your teeth until healing is complete and the chance of reinfection has completely worn on.

Summing Up:

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, sensitivity, or swelling around the teeth and gums, talk to your dentist and get a checkup. If your dentist recommends root canal treatment, then you need a root canal to save your tooth. For speedy recovery, follow these steps and avoid eating anything until the numbness goes off completely. Contact your root canal dentists near me if you have pain or discomfort after the treatment. The treatment is painless; just make sure to follow the steps correctly.