Home Uncategorized The East Java General Election Commission (KPU) unveiled the jingle and mascot for the 2024 East Java Elections during the launch ceremony for the East Java Governor and Deputy Governor Election 2024 in Surabaya on Tuesday evening (4/6/2024).

The East Java General Election Commission (KPU) unveiled the jingle and mascot for the 2024 East Java Elections during the launch ceremony for the East Java Governor and Deputy Governor Election 2024 in Surabaya on Tuesday evening (4/6/2024).


“His leadership capacity is also proven. If an understanding of field issues is needed, friends and cadres in the PKS faction in the DKI DPRD will be good sources and inputs, given their daily tasks in legislation, budgeting, and oversight in Jakarta Province,” said Sudirman in a written statement, as quoted on Tuesday (25/6/2024).

The postgraduate alumnus from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya (UWKS) considers that the emergence of young NU figures competing in the East Java Pilkada shows the success of cadre regeneration within NU.

“It could be dangerous, leading to a deadlock, and it might not get coalition partners,” said Huda at the Parliament Complex in Senayan, Jakarta, on Wednesday (26/6/2024). “Objectively, it could potentially close the door for other parties,” he added.

Sudirman mentioned two important requirements that Sohibul Iman can fulfill to lead Jakarta. First, Sohibul is considered likely to focus on managing the residents. “Second, he will easily establish cooperation with the future government due to his flexibility in political interactions so far,” said Sudirman.

Huda reminded that the Jakarta Regional Election is very fluid and nothing is fixed, including PKS as the winner of the Jakarta Election but unable to nominate candidates independently. “Nominating two figures as governor and deputy governor candidates requires a party that already has a golden ticket, which means 20 percent,” he said. “We know that PKS won the recent legislative elections. However, they haven’t reached 20 percent because they only have 18 seats, while 20 percent requires 22 seats,” concluded Huda.

[vidio:VIDEO: Discussion: The Anies-Kaesang Duo and RK Competing in the Jakarta Pilkada, What Are the Chances?](https://www.vidio.com/watch/8231531-wacana-duet-anies-kaesang-dan-rk-bersaing-di-pilkada-jakarta-bagaimana-peluangnya-liputan-6)

This score is partly contributed by the number of violence cases experienced by journalists, both collected through a survey of 536 journalists and from cases handled by the Independent Journalists Alliance (AJI) throughout 2023.

1. If you loved this article and you simply would like to obtain more info regarding desk pilkada 2024 penting please visit the page. 27 February-16 November 2024: notification and registration of election observers

2. April 24 – May 31, 2024: submission of the potential voter list

3. 5 May-19 August 2024: fulfillment of requirements for independent candidate support

4. 31 May-23 September 2024: updating and compiling voter lists

5. 24-26 August 2024: announcement of candidate registration

6. August 27-29, 2024: candidate registration

7. 27 August-21 September 2024: candidate requirement review

8. 22 September 2024: candidate determination

9. 25 September-23 November 2024: campaign period

10. November 27, 2024: voting day

11. November 27 – December 16, 2024: vote counting and result recapitulation

[video: VIDEO: KPU DKI Jakarta Closes the Door on Anies and Ahok Duo in 2024 Regional Election](https://www.vidio.com/watch/8181424-kpu-dki-jakarta-tutup-pintu-wacana-duet-anies-dan-ahok-di-pilkada-2024)

Acting Governor of East Java Adhy Karyono assured the public that the 2024 Regional Election, which will be held simultaneously on November 27, will be a source of entertainment. “In line with the theme of tonight’s event, which is ‘Seneng Bareng’ (Happy Together), the organizers and the public as participants in the election should welcome it with joy together,” he said.

Furthermore, Syaikhu is confident that the Anies-Sohibul Iman pair is a good match. According to Syaikhu, they complement each other well for the 2024 Jakarta Regional Election. “There is already a nickname for them, AMAN (Anies-Sohibul Iman). Whatever the name, (Anies-Sohibul Iman) have strong qualifications, are compatible, and can complement each other in leading Jakarta,” said Syaikhu.

The East Java KPU has carried out several stages of the 2024 regional elections for the province. These include the recruitment of members of the District Election Committee (PPK) and the Voting Committee (PPS). Additionally, they have carried out the submission stage for the support requirements of prospective independent candidate pairs. “The next stage we will undertake soon is updating and compiling the voter list,” stated East Java KPU Chairman Aang Kunaifi.

The condition of journalist safety in carrying out their profession is described based on three main pillars, including individual journalists, media stakeholder pillars, and state and regulatory pillars.

“The young NU generation that will compete in the Pilkada has a lot of potential to be elected. They are spread across various parties and professions. Many also have a pesantren background,” said Lasio.

The event featured performances by the music group “Glidcoustic” and singer Happy Asmara, entertaining thousands of attendees from the community. East Java KPU Chairman Aang Kunaifi invited the community and all stakeholders to join in making the simultaneous regional elections in East Java on November 27, 2024, a success. “We want to emphasize that no matter the conditions or choices in East Java, it is up to the people. The hope is that the regional elections in East Java can be conducted in a joyful manner, resulting in leaders who can bring progress to East Java,” he said, Tuesday night (4/6/2024).