Home Uncategorized The East Java General Election Commission (KPU) unveiled the jingle and mascot for the 2024 East Java Elections during the launch ceremony for the East Java Governor and Deputy Governor Election 2024 in Surabaya on Tuesday evening (4/6/2024).

The East Java General Election Commission (KPU) unveiled the jingle and mascot for the 2024 East Java Elections during the launch ceremony for the East Java Governor and Deputy Governor Election 2024 in Surabaya on Tuesday evening (4/6/2024).


The East Java KPU has carried out several stages of the 2024 regional elections for the province. These include the recruitment of members of the District Election Committee (PPK) and the Voting Committee (PPS). Additionally, they have carried out the submission stage for the support requirements of prospective independent candidate pairs. “The next stage we will undertake soon is updating and compiling the voter list,” stated East Java KPU Chairman Aang Kunaifi.

“PPP has gone through a long conflict before; party division took up a lot of time and was unproductive. Now, all party members must unite as one large family, joining forces and struggling together. Therefore, discard any potential splits such as the issue of the congress, whether it’s an special congress or an early congress,” said Fernita on 17th June 2024. Fernita stated that the party already has rules or systems in place. Thus, a resolution cannot be made by a single entity or, in other words, ignoring the established rules. “So, if there are pushes for an early congress to remove the chairman, it must adhere to PPP’s regulations or mechanisms. The conduct of a congress must go through the party’s working meeting, following the national leadership conference, and prior to that, a DPP daily board meeting to determine Mukernas or Rapimnas,” she explained. “Recently, the IX national leadership conference, attended by 38 provincial branches from across Indonesia, resulted in a resolution that the general assembly will be held according to the AD/ART period, which is in 2025. This rejects all concerns or demands for an expedited congress,” she emphasized. United Lastly, Fernita called for that post the 2024 polls, the entire large family and senior members of PPP commence packaging action plans for facing the 2029 polls. “God willing|If God wills|Inshallah, by standing together, PPP will be ready to handle the 2029 polls even stronger,” she concluded.

“We are fully aware, and with our current fourth rank, we realize it is unlikely for us to aim for the number one position. So, PDI Perjuangan will aim for the number two position, the deputy governor,” he said

n”The role of the media is very important in the success of the 2024 simultaneous elections, especially in providing political education and maintaining public order,” said Sigit in his speech, quoted from Antara, Tuesday (June 18, 2024)

n”We have been preparing since May 2024 and the progress is ongoing. For West Java, we first map out the political landscape for the West Java Pilkada, as no party can nominate on its own. Essentially, parties in West Java must collaborate with other parties to nominate a governor and deputy governor,” said Ono at the PDIP Rakernas V, Saturday (May 25, 2024)

The event was enlivened by performances from the music group “Glidcoustic” and singer Happy Asmara, who entertained thousands of attendees. East Java KPU Chairman Aang Kunaifi, through this activity, invited the community and all stakeholders to work together in ensuring the success of the simultaneous regional elections in East Java on November 27, 2024. “We want to emphasize that, regardless of the conditions or choices in East Java, it is up to the people. The hope is that the elections in East Java can be held in a joyful manner, producing leaders who can bring progress to East Java,” he said, Tuesday night (4/6/2024).

Eman, with his long experience in bureaucracy, is seen as the ideal candidate to build Majalengka. This was expressed by Political Commentator from Bandung Islamic University, Fuady M. E.. He said that Majalengka Sekda Eman Suherman possesses very valuable assets to run for Majalengka regent. According to him, Eman’s chances of being voted in as the next Majalengka Regent are very likely. “This can be a very significant capital because experience is invaluable,” said M. E. Fuady in a press release, Sunday (9/6/2024). If you cherished this article and you would like to acquire additional information about pilkada 2024 desk koordinasi kindly go to the web-page. According to him, there is a shift in patterns in the 2024 Pilkada. Fuady said that current officeholders are currently not being widely favored by Indonesian society. Conversely, he said, candidates from the bureaucracy, like Sekda, are bringing a new perspective in the country. “I see that in various regions, many administrative heads are running for office. This demonstrates that they have expertise in managing public administration and effective governance,” explained Muhammad Fuady.

Acting Governor of East Java Adhy Karyono assured the public that the 2024 Regional Election, which will be held simultaneously on November 27, will be a source of entertainment. “According to the theme of tonight’s event, which is ‘Seneng Bareng’ (Happy Together), the organizers and the public as participants in the election should embrace it with shared joy,” he stated.

“PDIP will investigate. Whether Mrs. Susi is ready for us to endorse. We can also encourage other parties to further explore Mrs. Susi’s readiness. I think Susi Pudjiastuti is quite an interesting figure,” said Ono at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (June 19, 2024)