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Saweetie No Makeup

Saweetie No Makeup


Saweetie is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who is known for her catchy songs and stylish looks. She recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram without any makeup on, and she looked just as beautiful as ever! Her fans were quick to show their support and love for her natural beauty.

Saweetie looks gorgeous with or without makeup! The rapper recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram sans makeup, and she looked just as beautiful as ever. In the caption, Saweetie joked that her “natural face” is giving her a “rest day.”

We definitely think she deserves it!

Saweetie Age

Saweetie is a 24 year old American rapper, singer and songwriter. She was born in Santa Clara, California and raised in Hayward, California. Her mother is of Korean descent and her father is African-American.

Saweetie has two older sisters. She began her musical career in high school, when she was signed to the local independent record label Black Market Records. In 2018, she released her debut single “Icy Girl”, which peaked at number 22 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Saweetie has since released several other singles, including “Up Now”, “My Type” and “Tap In”. She is currently signed to Warner Bros. Records.

Saweetie No Makeup

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How Does Saweetie Keep Her Skin Looking So Good

Saweetie’s skin care routine is pretty simple, but it definitely works for her! She starts off by cleansing her face with a gentle cleanser, followed by a toner. Next, she uses a light moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated.

Finally, she finishes things off with a sunscreen to protect her skin from the sun’s harmful rays. And that’s it! This simple routine keeps Saweetie’s skin looking healthy and glowing.

What Kind of Makeup Does Saweetie Use

Saweetie is known for her unique and edgy style, and her makeup look is no exception. She often rocks a bold smokey eye or a bright pop of color on her lips, which really makes her stand out from the crowd. When it comes to her everyday makeup routine, Saweetie likes to keep things pretty simple.

She typically starts with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer to even out her skin tone, followed by some concealer under her eyes and on any blemishes. For eyeshadow, she usually just sticks to one or two shades that complement her outfit for the day. And of course, no makeup look is complete without a little bit of mascara and liner.

How Often Does Saweetie Wear Makeup

It’s no secret that Saweetie is a beauty junkie. The rapper often takes to social media to show off her latest makeup looks, and she’s even collaborated with ColourPop Cosmetics on a limited edition collection. So, how often does Saweetie wear makeup?

Well, it depends. When she’s performing or attending red carpet events, Saweetie usually goes all out with her makeup, opting for bold lips and smoky eyes. However, when she’s just hanging out with friends or running errands, she tends to go for a more natural look, wearing little to no makeup at all.

No matter what her makeup routine is like on any given day, one thing is for sure: Saweetie always looks gorgeous!

Saweetie's Energy-Boosting Skin Care Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


In a recent blog post, rapper Saweetie shared some pictures of herself rocking a fresh face. “No makeup, no filter, all me,” she captioned the post. And fans are here for it!

Many people took to the comments section to show their love for Saweetie’s au naturel look. “Glow up!” and “You’re so beautiful” were just some of the compliments she received. It’s always refreshing to see celebrities embracing their own natural beauty, and we hope to see more of it in the future!