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Roloff Farm for Sale

Roloff Farm for Sale


The Roloff family farm, made famous by the TLC reality show “Little People, Big World,” is up for sale. The 106-acre farm in Helvetia, Oregon has been listed for $4.65 million. The farm has been in the Roloff family for four generations and was the setting for the long-running reality show that followed the lives of Matt and Amy Roloff and their children, twins Jeremy and Zachary, who have dwarfism.

The Roloff Farm is up for sale! The iconic farm made famous by the TLC show Little People, Big World is on the market for $4.65 million. The farm has been in the Roloff family for over four decades and was purchased by Matt and Amy Roloff in 1990.

The 65-acre farm includes a 6,000 square-foot home, a barn, a shop, and an animal shelter. It’s located in Helvetia, Oregon which is about 30 minutes outside of Portland. This news comes as a surprise to fans of the show as the Roloffs have been through so much on their farm.

From raising their children to dealing with health issues and marital problems, the farm has always been a big part of their lives. It’s unclear what prompted the sale of the farm but it’s possible that the Roloffs are ready for a new chapter in their lives. They currently live in Arizona but still own property in Oregon so they may not be completely leaving the state just yet.

Whatever their reasons are for selling, we wish them all the best!

Roloff Farm for Sale Zillow

The Roloff Farm is currently for sale on Zillow. The asking price is $4,750,000. The farm is located in Helvetia, Oregon and spans over 100 acres of land.

The farm includes a large main house, a guest house, a shop, and various outbuildings. There is also a pond on the property. The Roloff Farm has been featured on the TLC reality show Little People, Big World.

The show follows the lives of the Roloff family, who all have dwarfism. The family bought the farm in 1990 and it has been their home ever since. In recent years, they have opened up the farm to visitors and hold events there throughout the year.

Now that some of the children have grown up and moved out, it seems that the parents are ready to downsize. They have put the farm up for sale and it has already generated a lot of interest. If you’re looking for a unique property with plenty of history, then be sure to check out the Roloff Farm!

Roloff Farm for Sale

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How Much is the Roloff Farm Being Sold For?

The Roloff farm is being sold for $4.5 million. The sale includes the main house, guest house, barn, and 80 acres of land. This is a significant increase from the $1.4 million that the family paid for the property in 1990.

The Roloffs have decided to sell the farm because they no longer live there full-time and it is too expensive to maintain. They will use the money from the sale to pay off debts and invest in other business ventures.

Did the Roloff Farm Get Sold?

No, the Roloff farm did not get sold. Matt and Amy Roloff put their farm up for sale in 2016, but as of 2019, it is still on the market. The asking price for the farm is $4.5 million.

The Roloffs have owned the farm since 1990 and it is located in Helvetia, Oregon.

Who Bought Roloff Farm?

It was announced in early 2020 that the Roloff family had sold their farm. After living there for over three decades and raising their four children, they decided it was time to move on. The new owners are a young couple who are excited to start their own journey on the farm.

We wish them all the best!

How Much Did Zach Offer for the Farm?

Zachary offered $1,000,000 for the farm.

Matt Roloff Property Listing Fail! Selling The Farm Is A Mistake!


The Roloff family, stars of the TLC reality show Little People, Big World, are selling their farm. The farm has been in the family for over three generations and is a huge part of their lives. This isn’t an easy decision for them, but they feel it’s time to move on.

They hope to find a buyer who will love the farm as much as they have.