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Rihanna Forehead


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Rihanna’s forehead is one of her most distinguishing features. It’s high and broad, with a pronounced widow’s peak. Her eyebrows are full and well-defined, framing her eyes perfectly.

Her skin is smooth and unblemished, making her forehead look even more perfect. Rihanna is truly a beauty icon, and her forehead is one of the reasons why.

Rihanna’s forehead is one of her most distinctive features. It’s wide, it’s smooth, and it’s almost always on display. Whether she’s rocking a sleek bun or a playful ponytail, her forehead is always front and center.

And we love it! There’s something about Rihanna’s forehead that just screams confidence. Maybe it’s the way she carries herself, or maybe it’s the fact that she isn’t afraid to show it off.

Whatever the reason, we can’t get enough of her signature look. If you’re looking to add a little extra oomph to your own look, take a cue from Rihanna and let your forehead shine!

Rihanna Forehead Side View

Rihanna’s forehead is one of her most distinctive features. It’s wide and flat, with a strong brow line. And it looks great from the side!

This view of Rihanna’s forehead really shows off her unique look. Her forehead is wider than average, and her brow line is very pronounced. This gives her a strong, striking appearance that is really attention-grabbing.

Rihanna’s forehead is just one of the things that makes her so beautiful. She has an amazing face, with perfect skin and full lips. And she knows how to work it!

She always looks fabulous on the red carpet and in magazine spreads. If you’re lucky enough to have a forehead like Rihanna’s, embrace it! It’s a true asset and you should show it off proudly.

Rihanna Forehead

Credit: www.pinkvilla.com

What Causes Bigger Forehead?

There are a number of reasons that could cause someone to have a bigger forehead. One reason could be due to the person’s genes and family history. Another possibility is that the person has undergone surgery to correct a birth defect or injury.

Additionally, certain medical conditions can lead to an enlarged forehead.

Is It Normal to Have a Huge Forehead?

No, it is not normal to have a huge forehead. If you have a significantly large forehead, it may be due to a condition called craniofacial hyperhidrosis, which causes the body to produce excess sweat. This condition can be treated with Botox injections or surgery.

Kevin Gates speaks on Rihanna’s forehead |*FUNNY* interview footage |


Rihanna is known for her unique style, and her forehead tattoo is no exception. The singer recently got a new tattoo on her forehead that reads “Thug Life,” which she debuted on Instagram. The tattoo is in honor of her late grandfather, who was a big fan of the hip-hop group Tupac Shakur.

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