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QuickBooks Company File Not Found: Revised Technical Guide



The company file is the most important technical feature in QuickBooks Desktop. Users frequently access the company file to utilize essential data for various projects. However, a troublesome problem called QuickBooks company file not found can often prevent users from getting access to the desired company file on the computer.

In simple terms, this error message means that the QB application cannot find the exact location of the company file on your computer. This issue has many causes, and various troubleshooting methods are also available.

Follow the relevant sections of the blog to understand & fix this troublesome issue easily & effectively.

If you want instant help troubleshooting the QuickBooks Company File Not Found problem, you can dial +1(855)-738-0359 to connect with our QB Professionals Team.

quickbooks is unable to open this company

Brief Description Of Company File Not Found Issue in QuickBooks

Every QB user needs prompt & seamless access to the company file to ensure that crucial data remains available for various projects. The ‘Company File Not Found Issue in QuickBooks’ means that the company file’s location cannot be determined on the computer.

The relevant error message suggests that the user use the search tool to find the exact location of the QB company file on the system.

Some important points related to this technical problem are as follows:

  • Your company file data is safe & secure as it is not affected by the emergence of this technical glitch on your system. Therefore, you need not panic due to the appearance of this problem on your computer. 
  • Users can also encounter this issue while running the data file or performing some accounting tasks in the file.
  • Another important point is that this glitch can develop while using QB in single-user and multi-user modes.
quickbooks couldn't open your company file

Some Symptoms Related To QB Company File Cannot Be Found Issue. 

Here are some common technical symptoms that you can note due to the occurrence of the QuickBooks Unable To Open Company File:

  • Firstly, the error message will inform you that the relevant data file cannot be found on your computer and, therefore, cannot be opened.
  • You can experience frequent crashes of QuickBooks Desktop once this glitch develops on your system.
  • The QB software will not function normally & sudden computer shutdown can also happen.
  • In rare cases, the system hardware may also stop responding to the user’s commands.

Common Causes Behind The Missing Company File Issue in QuickBooks

Here are the major causes behind the Missing Company File Issue in QuickBooks:

  • The data file may have been renamed or moved to another location.
  • You may not have set valid multi-user hosting settings on your network before trying to open the data file.

Easy Method To Overcome The Company File Not Located Issue in QuickBooks

Here’s the method to tackle the Company File Not Located Issue in QuickBooks:

  • Access the search bar on the server & type the correct file extension (preceded by an asterisk): *.qbw, *.qbb, *.qba, etc.
  • After locating the company file, launch the QB window & reach the ‘File’ menu.
  • After that, access the ‘Restore a Company File’ tab & choose the ‘Open a Company File’ option to select the relevant data file.
  • Finally, you can successfully access the desired company file on your computer.

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The QuickBooks Company File Not Found problem can be difficult, but if you follow the above procedure, you can tackle it easily. You can dial +1(855)-738-0359 to contact our QB Professionals Team if you need more guidance.