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Polar Capital Technology Trust
Polar Capital Technology Trust


Technology is one of the most exciting and dynamic industries to invest in and the Polar Capital Technology Trust is a great way to get exposure to some of the leading companies in this sector. The trust invests in a portfolio of around 50 global technology companies, with a focus on those that are leaders in their field and have strong growth prospects. Some of the key holdings in the trust include Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft – all companies that have been at the forefront of innovation and have delivered exceptional returns for investors.

With such a strong track record, it’s no wonder that the trust has been one of the best-performing technology funds over the past decade.

Polar Capital Technology Trust is a publicly traded venture capital fund that invests in early-stage and growth-stage technology companies. The trust is managed by Polar Capital, a London-based asset management firm. The trust was launched in 1999 with £10 million in assets and has since grown to over £1 billion in assets under management.

The trust’s portfolio includes investments in companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple. Polar Capital Technology Trust has outperformed the MSCI World Information Technology Index over the past five years, returning an annualized 13.2% compared to the index’s 9.7% return. The trust’s shares are up nearly 50% over the past year, making it one of the best-performing technology funds on the market.

Investors seeking exposure to the technology sector may want to consider investing in Polar Capital Technology Trust. The trust offers investors access to a diversified portfolio of high-growth tech companies and has delivered strong returns over the long term.

Allianz Technology Trust

Allianz Technology Trust is a global technology investment trust. The fund managers, Baillie Gifford & Co, aim to provide long-term capital growth by investing in companies that are leaders in their field and which they believe have the potential to grow faster than the wider stock market. The Allianz Technology Trust invests in a broad range of companies including those involved in semiconductors, software, hardware, IT services, telecommunications and the Internet of Things.

The trust has a bias towards large cap stocks but also holds some smaller companies. As at 31 December 2019 the top 10 holdings represented 42.4% of the portfolio*. These were:

Alphabet (Google) 9.2%, Amazon 8.7%, Facebook 5.8%, Microsoft 4.9%, Alibaba Group Holding 4.6%, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company 3.5%, Salesforce 3., Adobe 2.9% and ServiceNow 2%. The Allianz Technology Trust was launched on 11 October 2000 and is domiciled in Jersey. The trustees are Bank of Scotland International Limited** and the depositary is HSBC Bank plc*** .

The fund’sISIN is GB00BK5DWD76 . The legal structure is an authorized unit trust with share classes I (inc)  and O (Ord). There are no performance fees payable to either manager or adviser**** .

Polar Capital Technology Trust

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Is Polar Capital Global Technology Fund Closed?

The Polar Capital Global Technology Fund is not currently closed. However, it is important to note that the fund has a high minimum investment amount of $5 million, so it may not be accessible for everyone. The fund invests in companies across the technology sector, including those involved in artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity and more.

It is managed by Tim Woolford and Ben Rogoff, who have over 20 years of experience investing in technology companies.

Is Polar Capital Holdings a Good Investment?

Polar Capital Holdings is an asset management company based in London. The company was founded in 2000 and has since grown to become one of the largest independent asset managers in Europe, with over £15 billion of assets under management. The company offers a range of services including investment management, research, and financial planning.

Polar Capital has a strong track record of delivering returns for investors, with an annualized return of 11.8% since inception. Polar Capital is a publicly traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: POLR). The shares have been volatile in recent years, but are up around 30% from their lows in 2016.

At the current share price of £9.50, Polar Capital has a market capitalization of £1.2 billion. Overall, we believe that Polar Capital is a good investment at the current share price. The company has strong growth prospects and is well-positioned to benefit from the continued development of the European asset management industry.

How to Invest in Polar Capital?

Polar Capital is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange. It is a leading global asset management firm with over 25 years of experience managing both traditional and alternative investments across a wide range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, property and hedge funds. If you are interested in investing in Polar Capital, there are a few things you should know.

First, as an investor you will have access to a number of different investment strategies and products offered by the company. Second, Polar Capital has a strong track record of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. Finally, the company offers a number of different ways to invest, including through mutual funds, institutional accounts, and private placement vehicles.

If you are looking for exposure to Polar Capital through mutual funds, there are several options available. The Polar World Equity Fund invests primarily in developed market stocks with a focus on companies that stand to benefit from structural changes in the global economy such as demographic shifts or the growth of emerging markets. The Polar European Equity Fund focuses on companies headquartered in Europe with exposure to disruptive businesses or technologies.

For fixed-income investors, the Polar Global Bond Fund provides access to high-quality bonds across various sectors and countries while the Polar Strategic Income Fund focuses on generating income through investments in global credit markets. For those looking for more customized solutions, institutional accounts and private placement vehicles offer tailored portfolios that can be designed to meet specific investment objectives. Whether you are looking for growth potential or income generation, polar Capital has the expertise and experience to help you reach your financial goals.

What is Polar Capital Group?

Polar Capital Group is a privately-owned investment management company founded in 2000. The group is headquartered in London, England with offices across Europe and Asia. The company manages assets for both institutional and private clients across a range of strategies including global equity, long/short equity, healthcare & life sciences, technology, media & telecoms sectors.

Polar Capital has a strong focus on fundamental research and aims to generate alpha through active asset management. The company invests globally with the belief that understanding companies and their products is key to generating superior returns.


Polar Capital Technology Trust is a publicly traded investment trust that specializes in technology investments. The trust is managed by Polar Capital LLP, an experienced team of technology investors. The trust’s objective is to provide shareholders with long-term capital growth through investments in global companies that are leaders in their field and that have the potential to generate superior returns.

The trust has a diversified portfolio of over 70 companies, including household names such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet (Google). The trust also invests in smaller, emerging companies that are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. These include firms working on artificial intelligence, 5G communications, and quantum computing.

Polar Capital Technology Trust has outperformed its benchmark index, the MSCI World Information Technology Index, for 10 consecutive years. In 2019 alone, the trust’s NAV rose by 46%. This strong performance has continued into 2020, with the trust’s NAV up 22% year-to-date.

Given its experience and track record of success, Polar Capital Technology Trust is well-positioned to continue generating superior returns for shareholders in the years ahead.