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No Time to Die Poster


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The new “No Time to Die” poster has just been released and it’s got everyone talking. The poster shows Daniel Craig as James Bond, standing in front of a burning car with a look of intense concentration on his face. This is the 25th film in the franchise and is set to be Craig’s last outing as 007.

The release date has been pushed back several times due to the pandemic, but it is finally set for April 2021. It looks like it will be worth the wait!

The new No Time to Die poster has been released and it looks amazing! The film, which is the 25th installment in the James Bond series, is set to be one of the most anticipated films of 2020. The poster shows Daniel Craig as James Bond in what looks like an intense action scene.

The film is set to be released in April 2020 and we can’t wait to see it!

No Time to Die Font

No Time to Die Font As the release of the new James Bond movie, No Time to Die, approaches, fans are getting excited about all things 007. One thing that’s caught everyone’s eye is the new font used for the movie’s title.

So what is this font and where can you get it? The No Time to Die font is a custom typeface created specifically for the movie. It was designed by Jens Gehlhaar and Tom Lane of H&FJ (now known as Hoefler & Co.).

The duo drew inspiration from classic sans serif typefaces like Futura and Avant Garde, but gave the font its own unique twist. If you’re a fan of the No Time to Die font and want to use it yourself, you’re in luck – it’s available for purchase online. You can buy it directly from H&FJ or through other retail outlets like MyFonts or FontShop.

Prices start at around $35 for a single weight (regular or bold) and increase depending on how many weights you want and whether you need access to special characters.

No Time to Die Poster

Credit: 007store.com

Who Designed the No Time to Die Poster?

The No Time to Die poster was designed by the graphic design firm Minalima. The team at Minalima has worked on several previous James Bond films, and they were brought on to design the key art for No Time to Die. The poster features a close-up of Daniel Craig as James Bond, with the tagline “No time to die.”

The simple yet striking design is meant to evoke the feeling of an old-school movie poster, and it perfectly captures the grit and determination of Craig’s portrayal of 007.

Did It Say James Bond Will Return at the End of No Time to Die?

At the end of No Time to Die, it is revealed that James Bond will return. This news comes as a surprise to many, as it was previously thought that Bond would retire after this film. However, it appears that Daniel Craig has had a change of heart and will return as 007 in future films.

This news is sure to excite fans of the franchise, who have been waiting patiently for another installment.

Is No Time to Die the Only Bond Film Where Bond Dies?

No Time to Die is not the only Bond film where Bond dies. In fact, many of the films in the series end with Bond’s death. However, this is usually followed by a scene where he is resurrected and returns to duty.

Is No Time to Die a Part 2?

No Time to Die is not a part 2. The title refers to the James Bond novel by Ian Fleming, which was published in 1964. The movie is based on the book and follows the same general story, but there are many differences between the two.

For example, in the book, Bond is sent to investigate a mysterious death at a casino, while in the movie he is investigating a missing scientist. Additionally, many of the characters’ names are different between the two versions.

No Time To Die Movie Poster – Photoshop Tutorial


The new No Time to Die poster has been released, and it’s absolutely stunning. The poster features Daniel Craig as James Bond, looking dapper in a suit with his gun at the ready. The tagline for the movie is “Bond is back,” and we couldn’t be more excited.

No Time to Die is set to hit theaters on April 10, 2020, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

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