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Best Places for Shopping and Night Markets in North Goa

Best Places for Shopping and Night Markets in North Goa


Goa! Goa is a beautiful beach state that welcomes visitors from all around the world and offers them many things to experience.  Here, vacationers can partake in various activities, including shopping, watersports, open parties, and many more.

So if you also want to enjoy the Goan vibe, then plan your trip and explore Goa. If you are a shopping enthusiast, then  this is a great place to visit and do some shopping. Most of the shopping freaks always wanted to pack something new in their bags when they were on the trip.

So if you are one of them and always look for shopping places, then this post is for you. Here we will explore the best night markets and shopping places in North Goa virtually, where travelers can shop for anything with an open heart.

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5 markets in Goa that tourists shouldn’t miss the slightest chance to visit

1. Anjuna Flea Market:

Anjuna Flea Market is one of Goa’s most popular and  wonderful  places for shopping in North Goa. This Wednesday flea market, held  near Anjuna Beach, is a place for true shopaholics to make their dreams come true.

From here, vacationers can shop for jewelry, clothing, wall paintings, bed sheets, wooden crafts, shoes, and handicrafts. Both foreigners and Indians visit this market in large numbers. Here’s the place to showcase your bargaining skills while selecting some fantastic goods to take home as memories.

2. Panaji Market:

Do you want to experience the real flavors of traditional Goa shopping? You must try to explore Panaji Market in North Goa on Friday morning. From here, travelers can buy spices, pickles, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, cashew nuts, port wine, and curry pastes.

Apart from these things, guests can also look for clothing, textiles, jewelry, and other items at a cheaper price. Here, you can also taste mouthwatering food at nearby eateries, which enhances your shopping experience.

3. Mapusa Market:

It’s one of the best markets in Goa for discovering the true tastes of the place. If this is your first time in Goa and you have long plans, you should spend your free time at Mapusa Market. You can buy souvenirs, antiques, and unique textiles to bring back home from this location.

If you are a fan of traditional handicrafts, you should check out the best selection available. Pickles, spices, pottery, and other Goan items can be found there. Since this location closes in the evening, it is best to visit during the day.

4. Mackie’s Night Bazaar: 

It is one of the best night markets in North Goa. It is the perfect place for every shopping enthusiast. This market is held on Baga Beach every Saturday from afternoon to midnight. This night market is famous for more than a hundred shopping outlets selling handicrafts, clothes, jewelry, antiques, etc.

Along with this, you can enjoy various parties and taste lip-smacking food, which will add fun to your shopping and give you a great shopping experience.

5. Night Market in Arpora:

This is a daily night market in North Goa held in Arpora from evening to late night. Here, you can see the foreigners and local tourists while they are buying souvenirs. By exploring this market in North Goa, travelers can find a variety of food stalls, clothing sellers, and other vendors.

This market is popular  for minute items, and you can find a diverse range of them. Along with this, from here, you can easily explore various party places. Including bar clubs, bubs, etc. Where you can sip beverages and refresh your body.

Summing it up:

This post is one of the best for those who are planning a trip to Goa and who are shopping freaks as well. By reading this blog, readers will get familiar with the 5 best flea and night markets in North Goa, from which they can buy various things at a cheap price.

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