Home Lifestyle Know Its Importance, Benefits, and Price of Amethyst stone

Know Its Importance, Benefits, and Price of Amethyst stone

Know Its Importance, Benefits, and Price of Amethyst stone


Natural Amethyst gemstone is often referred to as the stone of peace. This purple-colored gemstone looks beautiful due to its transparency and crystal-like structure. The color of this gemstone is plum blueberry purple or purple which gives it a beautiful look.

This gemstone also has a lot of astrological importance. According to astrology, Jamunia stone has many spiritual and healing properties. The stone brings many energies to the person and these positive energies bring changes in the person and his life. It creates a positive environment around the wearer which will keep the person always optimistic.

In this blog, we will discuss more about this beautiful amethyst gemstone.

The importance of the Amethyst gemstone

Bluestone is beautiful, which is why the stone is often used in jewelry and decorations. Amethyst profit increases the value of the stone and therefore the importance of this gemstone increases due to the astrological significance and demand in the gemstone market.

In Vedic astrology, the ruling planet of the Amethyst stone is Lord Saturn known as Saturn. Some planets are adversely placed in the horoscopes of people causing problems in their lives. If Saturn is in a negative position in your birth chart, then wearing an Amethyst gemstone will remove all these harmful effects.

Benefits of the Amethyst Stone 

Amethyst gemstone is also known as Jamuniya stone or Kathela gemstone. Natural Amethyst stone has many spiritual properties and health benefits.

Know all the benefits of the amethyst gemstone here:

  • Natural Amethyst gemstone brings calming energy. It facilitates stable emotions, relieves stress, and promotes a feeling of peace and calm within the man or woman carrying it. Because of these houses of Cathala, many human beings use it as a tool for meditation and different mindfulness practices.
  • Amethyst gems may even assist you develop spiritually. It will decorate cognizance, instinct, and psychic abilities, making it a popular desire for folks who are seeking out spiritual boom and connection.
  • Amethyst gemstone has shielding energy which protects the wearer from bad energies and psychic attacks. Additionally, it’s also intended for spiritual purification and cleaning, which also enables in disposal of poor power from the environment.
  • Some people in history believe that a basic amethyst stone can also stimulate and enhance cognitive functions in the person wearing it. It involves giving the wearer clarity of thought and enhancing concentration and decision-making skills. It promotes mental focus and helps overcome addictive behavior.
  • Amethyst gemstone with its soothing energy will promote restful sleep and give you relief from insomnia. People who have trouble sleeping are advised to keep an amethyst crystal under their pillow or near their bed. This is so that negativity goes away and the stone can help create a calm and relaxing sleep environment.
  • Each gemstone has its frequency of energy which affects the energy center of the body which matches these frequencies. Amethyst gemstone activates the crown chakra of the wearer. This energy center is the center of spirituality and higher consciousness, which will help you connect with higher energies.

Healing Properties of the Amethyst Gemstone

Gemstones are not a substitute for medical treatment, but the energy they can bring to the person can help them heal faster. And Amethyst stone is very powerful from the point of view of treatment. This stone is known to heal a person physically and emotionally.

Amethyst will provide relief from body pain and is also very helpful in headaches. It supports the immune system, improves circulation, and treats skin problems. The gemstone will also regulate the hormones in the wearer’s body. It will also help in better digestion.

Price of the Amethyst Stone 

Due to the importance of this stone, the price of Amethyst stone is quite high. Amethyst is a powerful gemstone that is highly used in crystal therapy due to its healing powers.

The price of Amethyst gemstone in India per ratti ranges between Rs. 59,494.00 – Rs. 61,677.00. The cost of the Amethyst stone mostly depends on factors like Cut, color, clarity, carat, origin, and quality.

Final Thoughts 

Also known as the all-purpose stone and the stone of peace, the Amethyst or Cathala gemstone is a stone of transformation and peace. The stone has many healing properties. It is especially known to calm the mind of the wearer, reduce their depression, and bring an atmosphere of happiness to you.

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