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Kanye West Meme


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Kanye West is one of the most meme-able celebrities out there. From his infamous “I’mma let you finish” moment to his recent Twitter rants, there’s no shortage of material to work with. And the internet has definitely taken advantage, churning out some hilarious memes in the process.

Here are just a few of our favorites.

Kanye West is one of the most popular rappers and producers in the music industry, but he’s also well-known for his egotistical and often outrageous behavior. Over the years, Kanye has been captured in some hilarious meme moments, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. From his infamous “I’ma let you finish” interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to his more recent Twitter rants, Kanye is always good for a laugh (even if he doesn’t seem to be in on the joke).

So sit back, scroll through these funny Kanye West memes, and enjoy a good chuckle at Yeezy’s expense.

Kanye West Meme Song

Kanye West is no stranger to memes. The rapper has been the subject of many popular memes over the years, and now he has his very own meme song. The song, which is simply titled “Kanye West Meme Song,” was created by YouTube user Maximilian Mus and features a variety of different Kanye West memes set to music.

Some of the featured memes include “Yeezy taught me,” “I love kanye,” and “Can’t tell me nothing.” The song is sure to get stuck in your head, as it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Kanye West and his many meme-able moments. If you’re a fan of Kanye or just enjoy a good meme, then this song is definitely for you.

Kanye West Meme

Credit: www.nme.com

What is a Kanye West Meme

A Kanye West meme is a photo or video of the rapper that has been edited or captioned in a funny way. The most popular Kanye West memes feature him making silly faces, saying outrageous things or acting out of character.

Where Did the Kanye West Meme Come from

The Kanye West meme is a photo of the rapper making an incredulous face, which was popularized on Black Twitter in 2013. The meme typically features text on the top and bottom of the image, often contrasting or mocking West’s expression.

Who Created the Kanye West Meme

The Kanye West meme was created by a user on the website Reddit. The meme features a picture of Kanye West with the caption “I’m not happy unless I’m unhappy.” The meme is often used to express dissatisfaction or unhappiness with something.

What Does the Kanye West Meme Represent

Since the early 2000s, Kanye West has been one of the most influential rappers in the hip-hop industry. His music often tackles heavy topics like race and politics, and he’s never afraid to speak his mind – even if it means stirring up controversy. Over the years, West has become just as well-known for his outrageous statements and outlandish behavior as he has for his musical talent.

And while some people love him for it, others see him as a egotistical attention seeker. One of the most popular memes featuring West is called “Kanye Shrug.” It’s a reaction image that captures how many people feel about the rapper – equal parts bemused and exasperated.

The meme typically features a screenshot of West shrugging his shoulders with text overlay that says something like, “When you’re trying not to care what everyone thinks about you but you still do.” In general, the “Kanye Shrug” meme is used to express indifference or ambivalence towards someone or something – usually when that thing is controversial or polarizing. It’s a way of saying, “I don’t really have strong feelings about this one way or another,” or “I can see both sides.”

The Kanye Shrug meme first gained traction in 2016 during one of West’s more tumultuous periods. He had just come out in support of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, and many of his fans were disappointed and confused by his political views. In response, some began using the “Kanye Shrug” meme to express their own conflicted feelings about West – they liked him as an artist but didn’t necessarily agree with everything he said or did.

These days, the “Kanye Shrug” meme is still going strong. Whenever West does something headline-worthy (which is pretty often), you can bet that there will be a wave of shrug memes close behind.

Kanye West being an internet meme for 12 minutes


Kanye West is one of the most popular rappers and producers in the world, and he is also known for his eccentric personality. Recently, West has been the subject of many memes, due to his behavior at award shows, interviews, and other public appearances. Some of the most popular Kanye West memes feature him making strange faces, ranting about random topics, and acting like a general goofball.

While some people find these memes amusing, others believe that they are disrespectful to West and his career.

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