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How To Boost BigCommerce Site Performance


In the world of online shopping, every moment is valuable. Making sure your BigCommerce website runs smoothly is essential for your success. A well-performing site not only improves how users interact with it but also helps you rank better in search engines, which can mean more sales. In this article, we’ll look at ten key ways to improve your BigCommerce site’s performance. By doing this, you can create a better experience for your customers and strengthen your business’s online presence. First, we will start by understanding the criticalness of improving website performance.

Importance Of BigCommerce Site Performance Optimization

1. User Experience:

Imagine you’re shopping online, and a website takes forever to load. You might get frustrated and leave, right? That’s what happens to many customers. When your BigCommerce site is fast, visitors can easily find what they’re looking for without waiting. This makes them happy and more likely to stay on your site, browse more products, and buy from you.

2. Conversion Rates:

The speed of your website directly affects how many people buy from you. Studies show that even a small delay in loading time can make customers leave your site. If your site is fast, it’s easier for people to browse and make purchases quickly. This can increase your sales because more people complete their purchases without getting annoyed and leaving.

3. Search Engine Rankings:

Search engines like Google want to show users the best websites first. One thing they look at is how fast a website loads. If your BigCommerce site is slow, it might not show up high in search results. But if it’s fast, Google is more likely to show it to people, bringing you more visitors who are searching for what you offer.

4. Mobile Friendliness:

Individuals prefer shopping from their phones rather than from a laptop and computer. Those customers might go somewhere else if your website is slow on mobile devices. But if your BigCommerce site is fast and works well on phones and tablets, you’re more likely to keep those customers. This can help you grow your business because you’re reaching more people, no matter what device they use.

5. Competitor Advantage:

In the online world, there are many other stores selling similar things. If your website is faster and easier to use than theirs, you have an advantage. Customers are more likely to choose your store over others because they can find what they want quickly and easily. This can help you stand out and attract more customers.

6. Brand Reputation:

Your website’s speed can affect how people see your brand. If your BigCommerce site is slow, customers might think your business isn’t professional or trustworthy. But if it’s fast and works well, customers are more likely to trust your brand and feel confident buying from you. A fast website can help build a positive reputation for your business.

7. Cost Savings:

Optimizing your website’s performance can actually save you money. When your site is fast, it uses less data and resources. This means you might pay less for hosting and other services. It can also save you money because you’re not losing potential sales due to slow loading times. 

8. Enhanced Security:

BigCommerce speed optimization often means it’s well-maintained and updated. This can make it more secure against hackers and other threats. When your BigCommerce site is fast and secure, customers can feel safe entering their payment information and personal details, which builds trust in your business.

9. Better Accessibility:

Not everyone has a fast internet connection or the latest device. A fast website is accessible to more people, no matter their internet speed or device. This means you’re not losing customers because your site is too slow for them. It ensures that everyone who visits your site can have a good experience.

10. Future Growth:

As your business grows, you’ll get more visitors to your website. A fast website can handle more traffic without slowing down. This means you’re ready for more customers and sales. It also means you can keep improving and adding new features to your BigCommerce site without worrying about it slowing down.

Techniques For BigCommerce Store Performance Boosting

Here, we will explore the top strategies to optimize BigCommerce site performance. 

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs):

Progressive Web Apps are like websites that work as smoothly as mobile apps. They load fast, even on slow internet connections, and give users an app-like experience. By setting up a PWA for your BigCommerce store, you can keep customers engaged and increase sales. PWAs use service workers to store data and make it available offline, which is great for users with bad internet connections.

2. Voice Search Optimization:

Voice search is getting more popular, especially with devices like Siri and Alexa. To optimize your BigCommerce site for voice search, use natural language keywords and create content that sounds like a conversation. This makes your site easier to find when people search with their voice. It can bring in more visitors who are looking for what you offer.

3. Single Page Applications (SPAs):

Single Page Applications load all the necessary code, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, when the page first loads. After that, they update the content as users interact with the site. This reduces the number of times your site has to ask the server for information, which speeds things up. SPAs make browsing your BigCommerce store smoother and faster, making customers more likely to buy.

4. Speed Optimization:

BigCommerce speed optimization means making your BigCommerce site load faster. You can do this by optimizing images so they take less space, loading content only when it’s needed, which is done using lazy loading, and making sure your site’s code is as simple as possible. Also, information can be stored on users’ devices so they don’t have to download it again and again. A fast site makes customers happy and helps your store show up higher in search results.

5. Serverless Architecture:

Serverless architecture means you don’t have to worry about running and managing servers. Instead, big companies take care of it for you. This can save you money and make it easier to change how your site works. Use serverless for things like making images smaller, sending emails, and keeping track of data. It makes your BigCommerce store more optimized and faster for customers.


Therefore, making sure your BigCommerce website loads quickly and efficiently is crucial. It’s key to providing a smooth experience for your visitors, improving how high your website shows up in search results, and getting more people to buy your products. 

By using the techniques we talked about in this article, you can make sure your website is fast and works well. This will keep your visitors interested and engaged. Don’t forget to use tools like Website Speedy to always check and make your site load faster and perform better. This will help your online store stay competitive in today’s fast digital world.