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How Do Exhibition Companies Do the Work?


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The job of an exhibition booth builder is to provide exhibitors with a professionally designed stand. Essentially, exhibition booth builders are professionals who render booth design, fabrication, installation, and disassembly services. Professional booths from builders enable exhibitors to make a solid first impression at the trade show. This further allows exhibitors to get multifarious business prospects and maximize their market image. In this blog, let us delve deep into the work process of the booth builders and find out how they deliver displays for trade shows to their clients. 

Steps Involved in Trade Show Booth Design and Build 

When it comes to exhibit booth rentals, exhibitors must not take chances and hire a professional builder to get the job done. This is because an expertly designed and built trade show booth is a cornerstone of achieving success at exhibition shows. Let us find out the steps about the trade show design and building process.


Every booth-building process starts with a conversation between an exhibitor and the custom exhibit booths. In the meeting, the exhibitor specifies his marketing goals, product or services, target audience, and vision. An exhibitor also talks about the booth builder’s portfolio, recent projects, and industry exposure. On the other hand, booth builder also gets to know about the brand image of the exhibitor and unique value propositions. Using this information and exceptional exhibition booth ideas, the booth builder then initiates the design process. The first consultation must be clear to avoid any misunderstandings later.


The booth builder submits the design created using the details that the exhibitor had provided. The detailed 3D designs allow exhibitors to take a deeper look at the visual representation and functionality of the trade show booth design. Some booth builders also offer free design mock-ups to let you decide whether you want to proceed any further. As an exhibitor, you must partner with a booth builder having in-house designers and modern tools. 


The booth builder waits till the exhibitor approves the design. The exhibitor can either review it or suggest changes and add features depending on the requirements. A booth builder with in-house designers and the latest tools would find it easier to accommodate these changes and satisfy clients. Nevertheless, it is important to incorporate the changes suggested by the exhibitor and resend the revised design. Reputed booth builders do not proceed further until clients are satisfied with the design. 


The way a booth builder approaches the fabrication process indicates its level of expertise. Careful selection of materials, manufacturing technologies, and processing techniques matter a lot. To construct a sturdy and high-quality booth, credible booth builders use only sophisticated manufacturing technologies. They also regularly update their manufacturing capacity to be able to deliver high-end booths on demand. Essentially, booth builders start from scratch and employ adequate staff to finish fabrication on time. 

Logistics and Shipping

In end-to-end services, booth builders also offer shipping and logistic services. Reliable booth builders deploy their in-house logistics team to ensure safe and on-time delivery. Experienced booth builders also use their technical expertise to adhere to all protocols and avoid any delivery issues. 


20×40 trade show displays deploy a qualified installation team to establish the setup at the venue. The installation team remains careful with the allotted space and does not exceed the limit. They take care of all the lighting, AV equipment, display, and venue guidelines and finish the installation as per the design. To ensure total client satisfaction, booth builders finish installation before the event and enable exhibitors to carry out their inspection. 

Project Management 

Through dedicated project managers, booth builders keep the exhibitors informed before, during, and after the event. A dedicated project manager remains responsive to the exhibitor throughout the lifecycle of the project and provides answers to queries. Through a project manager, the booth builder ensures total communication and smooth coordination with the exhibitors. 

Dismantling and Storage

Professional booth builders also offer dismantling services to ensure that the exhibitors get a total hassle-free experience. This also keeps exhibitors assured that their booth components won’t be damaged. Through storage and inventory solutions, booth builders also ensure the reusability of the booth to facilitate multiple set-up plans for the exhibitor. 


Booth builders render booth design and construction solutions to the exhibitors to help them reach their exhibition objectives and stand out at the trade show. The blog explores the various stages a booth development goes through and describes the work process of a credible booth builder in detail. Get affordable services in trade show booth rental in Los Angeles and get tailor-made solutions for your demands. Choose expert booth contractors with global exposure to get pristine-quality booths that maximize your business prospects at trade shows.

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