Home Uncategorized Former presidential candidate number 1, Anies Baswedan, responded to the speculation about pairing with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada.

Former presidential candidate number 1, Anies Baswedan, responded to the speculation about pairing with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada.


He mentioned that during the post-election period, there have been several changes in voter data due to various factors. “There have indeed been changes in the data. For instance, some residents have passed away. Additionally, there are residents who were not of age in the last election but will be 17 years old for this Pilkada,” he continued. Therefore, Enot emphasized that such conditions require re-data collection through pantarlih. “This is done to ensure that the final voter list for the Pilkada is truly valid and accurate,” he explained.

PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto commented on the rumor about a duet between Anies Baswedan and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, If you cherished this report and you would like to obtain much more information about pilkada 2024 Perlu pengawalan kindly visit the web site. as governor and deputy governor candidates in the Jakarta Pilkada. Hasto stated that his party embraces the nation’s best talents.

Meanwhile, the Banyuwangi Election Supervisory Board (Badan Pengawas Pemilu) has instructed its subordinates to closely monitor the process of voter data verification (coklit) for the 2024 Pilkada. The Division of Prevention, Community Participation, and Public Relations of Banyuwangi Bawaslu, Khomisa Kurnia Indra, stated that there are many aspects that need to be supervised during the coklit phase. According to her, after the determination of the 2024 election’s final voter list (DPT), there are many elements to observe leading up to the Pilkada, such as voters who have passed away, residents who are married but not yet 17 years old, residents who have moved, and new voters who have completed e-KTP recording. “These elements are crucial to observe to ensure that the final voter list in Banyuwangi aligns with the actual conditions on the ground,” she asserted on Wednesday.

nHe continued, Former Deputy Governor of Central Java Taj Yasin Maimoen was chosen by 10.3%, Semarang Mayor Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu by 8.7%, Kendal Regent Dico M Ganinduto by 7.6%, former Banyumas Regent for two periods Achmad Husein by 6.6%, Muhammad Yusuf Chudlori by 6.2%, and Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi by 3.3%, while 15.8% did not choose

“Whether through the civil service, retired military and police, socio-cultural groups, professional groups such as doctors, cultural figures, engineers, agricultural experts, and all other professionals can join PDIP,” said Hasto.

KPU Banyuwangi member for the Division of Voter Education, Community Participation, and Human Resources, Enot Sugiharto, stated that the pantarlih have been carrying out their duties from 24 June until 24 July. Enot mentioned that in performing their duties, pantarlih should not work merely at their desks but must go directly to the field by visiting local residents’ homes. “The goal is to ensure that the voter data for the upcoming Pilkada on 27 November is truly valid,” he said on June 27, 2024.

Secretary-General of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Eddy Soeparno mentioned that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) decided to support the same candidate in several regions participating in the 2024 Simultaneous Pilkada. “We stated from the beginning that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition, especially for the DKI Pilkada, we will agree to support a uniform candidate pair, and

**Prepare Comparative Data** For this reason, she suggested that subdistrict election supervisors should prepare comparative data to be matched with the data of the subdistrict election committee (PPK). To accommodate input from the community, during the coklit phase, all subdistrict election supervisors in Banyuwangi have been instructed to set up posts to safeguard voting rights and community complaint posts, either through social media, hotlines, or local offices. Additionally, she mentioned that it is equally important for subdistrict election supervisors to regularly conduct patrols to safeguard voting rights. “If any suspected violations by pantarlih are found, subdistrict election supervisors must issue a recommendation letter for correction through the PPK,” she concluded.

The meeting focused on economic inflation and the 2024 local elections (Pilkada). “Oh yes, when party leaders meet, they discuss many things. But what we discussed was inflation. We also talked about the Pilkada,” Zulhas said reporters at the Complex of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, Friday, June 14, 2024. Zulhas said he proposed the former Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, to be nominated for the 2023 Jakarta Pilkada. According to him, the suggestion was agreed upon by the party chairpersons who attended the meeting. “Yes, I proposed Ridwan Kamil in Jakarta, and everyone was in agreement,” he remarked. When asked whether Kaesang might accompany Ridwan Kamil in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada, Zulhas said that it has not been determined yet. However, he noted that the party leaders needed Kaesang to secure the Pilkada. “Yes, I believe so. I informed at that time to the President whether Kaesang would be allowed to. The President responded, ‘No’. But the parties need him,” he added. “Yes, but the parties require him. For what? To win,” Zulhas continued. He believes that Ridwan Kamil wouldn’t mind whoever runs with him in the 2024 Jakarta Pilkada, as long as it brings victory. Zulkifli Hasan stated that Ridwan Kamil’s deputy would be decided by the party leaders. “Mr. RK (Ridwan Kamil) would accept anyone as long as they ensure victory. As long as they secure victory, we will decide together,” noted Zulhas.