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Fat Gum Hoodie Has Some Unique Quirks, Just Like The Fatgum

Fat Gum Hoodie Has Some Unique Quirks, Just Like The Fatgum


My Hero Academia has been cheering up all manga lovers for almost a decade. The series has many characters, and each one of them possesses unique quirks. However, Fatgum is that character with an exceptional ability to absorb fat and get stronger. The overall character induces puns in everything. The characters also show us some great costume ideas that are highly functional for cosplaying. The Fat Gum Hoodie is one of them. Izuku Midoriya, Denki Kaminari, and Fatgum are all these characters that have made us experience the most thrilling experiences. However, all these characters of MHA have unique statements of looks. I’m always convinced to write about the Fatgum and his hoodie, which seems functional to many other bourns. 

Many manufacturers construct this hoodie using different materials and try to maintain the vibe of Fatgum by keeping it lousy and big. However, there are some manufacturers making hooded leather jackets with the inspiration of Fatgum. The leather option is the most practical one. I think if you get it in the leather form, you’ll get your options open for using it. I jotted down a few ideas for you to curate this jacket and take the best out of it. 

Hallo-Looks with some Pun in It

Halloween is that time of the year that comes to entertain us with a scary vibe. However, now isn’t the time when you welcome the spirits by being like them. In fact, you can add a slight pun to your outfits this time to surprise all the skeletons and ghosts roaming around. This time, trick-or-treat with a fatgum’s costume. He was always the one who spread laughs while fighting his enemies, taking them in himself, and becoming stronger. Sounds absurd, right? Yes, thats how he was if you haven’t watched him. Fat Gum Hoodie is one of those jackets that will be functional for all these types of needs. Moreover, if you wish to look exactly like him, you may have to go with the oversized hoodie and add some bagginess to it with additional masks and gloves.

On the other hand, you can also get leather jackets in an oversized pattern to complete your Fatgum look. I’m pretty sure it’s going to give you the best experience and will take you on the best pun-intended Hallo looks. Besides, you’ll be able to wear the jacket casually other than on Halloween days. Later, the jacket will come in perfectly handy for even our street-style looks. So take full advantage of this jacket if you have it. 

Creates a Light-Hearted Cosplay at a Costume Party 

The costume party is another source of entertainment. If you and your friends are always up for it, choose a costume that you can utilize several times. A cosplay that becomes a symbol of you for some time, and you get the best out of it. Or think about it as you curated a cosplay on a hallo look, and your friends and the rest of the attendees of the party will expect you to come up with the same cosplay and await you. The Fatgum’s look is one of those that people will definitely await. Moreover, if it’s a birthday party of a kid who loves your presence around him or her, it’s time to surprise them.

No matter if it’s an adult costume birthday party or the kids’ costume party, the attendees of either of them will get a surprise. So why not do it when it can bring smiles to people’s faces? 

Infuse a Comical Element into your Every Outfit

On the other hand, adding a comical element to your everyday outfit will be the best thing ever. In these times when anime and manga are taking the world by storm, the genre is also taking place in everyday fashion. So, adding a few elements to your everyday outfit will keep you updated with the right trends. The Fat Gum Hoodie is one of those jackets that belong to the anime and manga genre. Besides, this jacket is extra practical and allows you to assimilate it with many looks. Be it your casual or street-style looks, the jacket will be the perfect one to own. 

I’ve seen men’s and women’s versions of this jacket with an extremely casual vibe. If you’re a woman, utilizing this jacket with high-waist leg denim will be one of the cutest and most stylish outfits. However, if you’re a man, you, too, have the best styling opportunities to take advantage of. Again, dig up your old closet and take out your old collection of pairs of denim. Combining blue ones will always be the perfect combo.

On the one hand, it shows your fanship with the famous anime series MHA. While on the other hand, it bridges the gap for you to the fantasy world of animated characters. You don’t fail to show off your association with the anime-rated world, even on the streets. Moreover, it also becomes a chat beginner for like-minded patrons in your surroundings.

An Out of the Way Con-Friendly Cosplay

Last but not least, the Con events await your presence. Especially if you’re going to be Fatgum.  A lot of patrons get excited by seeing Fatgum in their surroundings. Just like we used to get excited in our childhood by seeing Mickey and Donald at the carnivals we attended, try the Fat Gum Hoodie to finish up your cosplay. If you’ve curated the look this Halloween, it’s pretty easy for you to do it at the cosplay event, too. The thick Fatgum looks might demand you to get an oversized hoodie. However, if you plan on curating his looks when he loses all his fat and shows off his muscular self, the regular-size jacket is perfect.


The Fat Gum Hoodie jacket is one of the best jackets that came into existence physically. As the character made a lot of headlines, so does his costume. A lot of manufacturers stood up to the trends and made inspired versions of this jacket. At the same time, a lot of cosplayers and other mainstream fans also took advantage of his looks and curated them. If you do it again, it’s the perfect time to recall this inducing character.