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Evraz Dividend


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Evraz is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange and is a leading steel and mining business. The company produces over 10 million tonnes of steel per year and employs over 80,000 people globally. The company’s shares have been trading since 2011 and the current dividend yield is 3%.

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing the Evraz dividend: The Russian steelmaker announced a 9% increase in its interim dividend, payable in December, taking the total for the year to RUB 24.5 billion ($325 million). The company said it was confident of delivering further growth in 2019 amid strong global demand for steel.

Evraz is one of the world’s largest steel and mining companies with operations in Russia, North America and Europe. It is majority owned by billionaire Roman Abramovich. The company’s share price has more than doubled this year as demand for steel has risen sharply on the back of robust economic growth globally.

Why is Evraz Dividend So High

The steel producer has been paying out a high dividend for years, and there are several reasons why. First, the company generates a lot of cash flow, which it can use to pay dividends. Second, Evraz has very low debt levels, so it doesn’t have to worry about using its cash flow to service debt.

Finally, the company has a long history of paying dividends, so investors expect it to continue doing so.

Evraz Dividend

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Is Evraz a Good Share to Buy?

If you’re looking for a steel company to invest in, you may be wondering if EVRAZ is a good share to buy. Here’s what you need to know about this company before making your investment decision. EVRAZ is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies with operations in Russia, North America, and Europe.

It is the largest steel producer in Russia and the second-largest in North America. The company produces a wide range of steel products including: construction materials, pipeline materials, railway products, wear-resistant steels, and high-strength low-alloy steels. EVRAZ has been profitable every year since 2004 and its net profit margin was 10% in 2017.

The company’s revenues have grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% since 2013 while its earnings per share (EPS) have grown at a CAGR of 24%. This strong financial performance has been driven by robust demand for steel globally as well as favorable conditions in Russia and North America. Looking ahead, we believe that EVRAZ is well positioned to continue growing its business due to its diversified product mix, geographic footprint, and customer base.

Additionally, we believe that the current global economic conditions are supportive of continued strong demand for steel which should enable EVRAZ to generate healthy profits going forward.

What Happens to Evraz Shareholders?

EVRAZ shareholders will receive 3.42 newly issued ordinary shares of Mechel for each EVRAZ share they own. The total number of new Mechel shares to be issued pursuant to the deal is approximately 101.9 million, which represents 19.9% of Mechel’s post-transaction share capital. The deal is structured as an exchange of assets and equity and will see EVRAZ transfer ownership of its Coal Mining segment, consisting of eight coal mines and two coking plants in Russia, to Mechel.

In return, EVRAZ will receive a stake in Mechel equal to 19.9% of the company’s fully diluted share capital following completion of the transaction. The agreement between the two companies was first announced in February 2020 but has been subject to a number of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors. Completion of the transaction is now expected by the end of 2020 or early 2021, subject to shareholder approval and regulatory approvals.

Why Have Evraz Shares Dropped?

On March 23, 2020, shares of Russian steel company EVRAZ plc (LON: EVR) dropped sharply on the London Stock Exchange after the company announced it would be suspending production at its U.S. facilities due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to suspend production was made in response to rapidly declining demand for steel products globally as a result of the pandemic and resulting economic slowdown. With most major economies around the world either in lockdown or severely curtailing activity, steel demand has plunged in recent weeks.

EVRAZ is one of the largest steel producers in North America and its shares have been under pressure in recent months as investor concerns about the global economy have grown. The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to those concerns and today’s share price drop reflects that.

What is the Future for Evraz?

EVRAZ is one of the world’s largest steel and mining companies. With a large presence in Russia, North America, and Europe, the company is well-positioned for continued growth in the global steel market. While EVRAZ faces some challenges in the near-term, including lower demand from key customers and increased competition, its long-term outlook remains positive.

In recent years, EVRAZ has made significant investments to modernize its production facilities and improve its product mix. These efforts should allow the company to better compete in a challenging market environment and position it for success in the future. Additionally, EVRAZ has been working to diversify its business beyond steel production, with plans to develop new businesses in areas such as agriculture and energy.

These initiatives could provide significant growth opportunities for the company going forward.


The dividend is payable on May 15, 2020 to shareholders of record as of April 30, 2020. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Evraz has increased its annual dividend payment. Evraz is one of the world’s largest steel and mining companies with operations in Russia, North America, Europe and Kazakhstan.

The company produces a wide range of steel products for customers in construction, energy, transportation and manufacturing industries.

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