Home Uncategorized Deputy Chairman of the Election Winning Division of the DPP Golkar Party, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, mentioned that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) aims to repeat the success of the 2024 Presidential Election .

Deputy Chairman of the Election Winning Division of the DPP Golkar Party, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, mentioned that the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) aims to repeat the success of the 2024 Presidential Election .


“For the greater good and for the people of Jakarta, we continue to synchronize with all political parties. Once an agreement is reached, we will inform our colleagues about who the gubernatorial and deputy gubernatorial candidates will be from Gerindra and our friends in the Advanced Indonesia Coalition,” he said.

Besides introducing the West Java Pilkada mascots, Sili and Wangi, and presenting the jingle, the West Java KPU also conveyed other information such as budget allocations, expected reduction in the number of polling stations (TPS), and targets for voter participation.

Regarding the voter participation rate in the regional elections, Ummi said that the West Java KPU targets more than 75 percent participation. The total number of voters in West Java is estimated to be around 35-36 million.

The independent candidate pair was declared not meeting the requirements (TMS) in the 2024 Malang City Pilkada by the General Election Commission (KPU) based on the results of administrative verification. Bawaslu had mediated both parties, but no agreement was reached. Thus, an adjudication hearing was held, using a third party, in this case, Bawaslu Malang City, as the adjudicator. The first hearing was held on Tuesday, with the agenda being the reading of the petitioner’s request and the response from KPU as the respondent.

“This hearing focuses on the KPU’s decision declaring that the independent candidates did not meet the minimum support requirements,” said Arifudin. The adjudication process at Bawaslu Malang City lasts a maximum of 12 working days from the start of the closed deliberation, and it is now on the fourth day. If on schedule, the decision will be read on 3 July.

Previously, PDIP DPP Chairperson Eriko Sotarduga said that if they collaborate with PKB to support Anies Baswedan in the Jakarta Pilkada, their party would offer the East Java gubernatorial seat from PDIP. “For example, in Jakarta, if PKB becomes the gubernatorial candidate. Can PDIP become the gubernatorial candidate in East Java? It’s possible, not a barter, but that’s what cooperation is, we cannot cooperate selfishly, imposing our ego, as we cannot advance alone,” said Eriko at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

Chairman of KPU Malang City, Muhammad Toyib, stated that the election organizers respect the dispute filed by the petitioner and will follow all ongoing legal processes. “If in this hearing we are declared unprepared to provide a response, we will follow and prepare more thoroughly,” he said. Toyib mentioned that the administrative verification process conducted by KPU was according to procedure. KPU believes that Silon is a precise application in terms of administrative results and an essential tool for the administrative verification process as it is connected to the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Office (Dispendukcapil). “So when there are discrepancies in the support data, we can identify them through Silon,” said Toyib. Regarding the assessment that Silon is problematic, Toyib mentioned that it is a system issue beyond the control of KPU Malang City. He added that KPU is awaiting the trial process and will comply with whatever the outcome and decision of the trial may be.

**Explanation from Candidates and KPU** The spokesperson for the legal team of the petitioner (Sam HC – Rizky Boncel), Susianto, demanded that KPU Malang City re-verify the data of 13,615 supports that were declared ineligible (TMS). “We have proposed three options: re-upload the data to the Candidacy Information System (Silon), manual counting, or re-administrative verification,” stated Susianto. He added that there are real data such as support letters accompanied by scanned e-KTPs and excel data of the support counts that were deemed TMS. The Sam HC team requests that KPU re-upload this data to the Candidacy Information System (Silon). “That is what we are disputing in this process. We also want a maximum deadline of seven days for re-uploading the data,” stated Susianto.

Chairman of Bawaslu Malang City, Mochammad Arifudin, announced that the petitioner’s main points, namely the independent candidate pair Sam HC-Rizky Boncel, had been presented. However, the respondent’s response was postponed to Wednesday. “The respondent was not ready to provide their response. We have also not received the draft from the respondent,” said Arifudin after the hearing. The dispute arose after the KPU’s administrative verification results declared that the Sam HC-Rizky Boncel pair had only submitted 40,689 support documents out of the minimum requirement of 48,882 supports needed to become independent candidates in the 2024 Pilkada. Meanwhile, according to Sam HC-Rizky Boncel, they had 54,000 supports. In a closed mediation at Bawaslu Malang City on Saturday, no agreement was reached, leading to the adjudication hearing.

As a party that won ten seats in the 2019 vote and eleven seats in the 2024 election, PKS has a solid base and can put forward a sole candidate pair for mayor and deputy mayor. Moreover, the PKS Bogor DPD Chairman, Trisnanto Atang, has been proposed as a mayoral candidate in the 2024 regional election. “Of course, PKS has the means and powerful stance to determine the mayoral candidate. Hold on, we are expecting guidance from the DPP. (Regarding my name being mentioned), yes, it has been noted, thank you for the support. We are certainly waiting for direction from the DPP. Whatever duty is assigned, we are ready, I must be ready,” said Atang on Sunday (24/3/2024).

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