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Barwell Tip


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The Barwell Tip is a waste disposal site located in the town of Barwell, England. It is operated by Leicester City Council and is the largest landfill site in the Midlands. The tip covers an area of approximately 38 hectares and has a capacity of 4 million tonnes.

It receives around 1,500 tonnes of waste per day from Leicester and Leicestershire, making it one of the busiest tips in the country. The site has been in operation since 1974 and will continue to accept waste until 2029.

The Barwell tip is a large landfill site in the East Midlands, England. It is situated near the village of Barwell, in Leicestershire. The tip covers an area of around 85 hectares and is owned and operated by Leicester City Council.

The Barwell tip first opened in 1963 and was originally used as a municipal waste disposal site. In the early 1990s, the site was redeveloped and transformed into a landfill gas-to-energy plant. The plant generates electricity from the methane gas produced by decomposing waste material at the landfill site.

In 2013, the Barwell tip was granted permission to accept up to 250,000 tonnes of waste per year from across Leicester City Council’s boroughs. This permission was granted following a review carried out by the Environment Agency. The Barwell tip is an important facility for Leicester City Council and plays a vital role in managing the city’s waste responsibly.

barwell -tip sessions

Barwell Tip

Credit: www.barwell-pc.org.uk

Do You Need to Book an Appointment for Barwell Tip?

No, you don’t need to book an appointment for Barwell tip. You can just turn up and they will give you a slot.

Why is Barwell Tip Closed?

The Barwell tip is closed because it has reached its capacity. The site, which is located in Leicestershire, England, has been accepting waste since the 1970s and can no longer accommodate any more refuse. The closure of the Barwell tip is a temporary measure; once the site has been cleared, it will reopen to the public.

What Can You Take to Barwell Tip?

You can take a variety of items to Barwell tip, including household waste, garden waste, bulky items, electrical items, and hazardous waste. Household waste includes items such as food waste, packaging, and paper. Garden waste includes grass clippings, leaves, and twigs.

Bulky items include furniture and white goods. Electrical items include TVs, fridges, and computers. Hazardous waste includes things like paint cans and chemicals.

Can I Take a Mattress to Barwell Tip?

Yes, you can take a mattress to Barwell tip. The Barwell tip is a waste disposal facility that accepts various types of waste, including mattresses. If you have a mattress that you need to dispose of, simply take it to the Barwell tip and they will dispose of it for you.


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