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Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update
Anupama Written Update


The much-awaited Anupama Written Update is finally here! After what seemed like an eternity, we finally have something to sink our teeth into. The latest episode started with a bang and ended with an even bigger one.

Anupamaa is a Hindi television series that airs on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar. The show stars Rupali Ganguly in the titular role of Anupamaa, a homemaker, who is married to Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey). The show focuses on the day-to-day life of Anupamaa and her family, as they navigate through various challenges.

The latest episode of Anupamaa begins with Kavya trying to talk to Vanraj about their relationship. However, he remains indifferent toward her. She then tries to speak to him about Anupamaa, but he again shuts her down.

Kavya tells him that she will not give up on him so easily and leaves. Meanwhile, Pakhi overhears Samar and Nandini talking about their marriage plans and gets upset. She tells them that she does not want them to get married just yet and asks them to wait for some time.

We were on the edge of our seats the entire time! The episode began with Vanraj’s shocking revelation that he wants to divorce Anupamaa. This came as a huge shock to everyone, especially Anupamaa herself.

She was devastated and heartbroken by this news. However, she didn’t let her emotions get the better of her and decided to fight for her marriage. Meanwhile, Kavya is also hell-bent on destroying Anupamaa’s life.

She started spreading rumors about Vanraj cheating on Anupamaa and even went so far as to approach him for a divorce. However, Vanraj refused to entertain her advances and made it clear that he only wants to be with Anupamaa. This infuriated Kavya and she vowed to take revenge on both Vanraj and Anupamaa.

She started playing mind games with them and created several misunderstandings between them. However, each time Anupamaa managed to resolve the issues without any problems. Kavya was getting frustrated by this turn of events and decided to up her game.

In the latest episode, she approached Samar (Anupamaa’s son) and told him that his father was having an affair with another woman named Kavya Sharma.

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Pandya Store Written Update

The popular television show Pandya Store is back with another written update. This time, the show has taken a turn for the dramatic as one of the main characters, Dev, is revealed to have a dark past. As the episode begins, we see Dev (played by Siddharth Malhotra) having a nightmare in which he sees his family being killed.

He wakes up in a panic and is soon comforted by his wife Sona (played by Erica Fernandes). However, it is clear that this nightmare has deeply affected him. Later, we see Dev meeting with an old friend who tells him about a job opportunity.

The friend also mentions that there is someone who can help Dev with his problem – Raghu (played by Ronit Roy). Raghu is revealed to be a pandit who specializes in solving people’s problems. After some hesitation, Dev decides to meet with Raghu and ends up telling him about his nightmare.

Raghu reveals that Dev’s family was actually killed in a car accident and that he only dreamt about it because he feels guilty about not being able to save them. He also says that the accident was caused by someone else and not by Dev himself. This revelation comes as quite a shock to Dev and leaves him feeling confused and scared.

What will happen next? Will Dev be able to find peace or will his guilt continue to haunt him? Tune in next week to find out!

Anupama Written Update

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How Does Anupama End?

Anupama ends with a bang! There is a lot of action and suspense in the final few episodes. Anupama becomes pregnant with twins but she does not want to keep them.

She decides to go ahead with an abortion. However, before she can do so, her water breaks and she goes into labor. She delivers the twins but they are stillborn.

This devastates Anupama and she falls into a deep depression. Her family is worried about her and they try to get her help. However, nothing seems to be working.

One day, Anupama takes some sleeping pills and tries to commit suicide. Her family finds her just in time and rushes her to the hospital. Anupama wakes up from the coma a few days later but she is not the same person anymore.

She has lost all will to live and wants to die. Her family tries their best to support her but it is hard for them to watch her suffer like this. In the end, after many souls searching, Anupama decides that she wants to live and starts getting better slowly but surely.

How Can I Get Today’s Episode of Anupama?

If you want to watch the latest episode of Anupama, there are a few options available to you. You can either wait for the episode to air on television, or you can stream it online. If you choose to watch the episode on television, it will air at 8:00 PM IST on Star Plus.

If you live in a different time zone, you can adjust the time accordingly. The episode will also be available On-Demand after it airs on TV. If you decide to stream the episode online, there are a few different ways to do so.

One option is to go to Hotstar, which is where Star Plus episodes are typically streamed. Another option is JioTV, which also offers a variety of Star Plus shows. Finally, YuppTV is another streaming service that offers Star Plus content.

What Happened to Bapuji in Anupama?

In the television show Anupama, bapuji (played by actor Alok Nath) is shown to have passed away. This is revealed in a flashback scene where his daughter-in-law, Anupama (played by actress Rupali Ganguly), is seen crying over his body. The cause of death is not explicitly stated, but it is implied that he died of natural causes.


The latest episode of Anupama starts with Kavya trying to talk to Vanraj. However, he ignores her and leaves. She then decides to talk to Bapu ji about the same.

Meanwhile, Pakhi overhears their conversation and gets upset. Kavya tries to make her understand but she doesn’t listen. Later, Vanraj confronts Kavya and asks her why she is talking to his father behind his back.

She tells him that she just wants what’s best for him and that she loves him. He doesn’t respond and goes away. The next day, Kavya comes to meet Vanraj again but this time, he completely ignores her.

She feels hurt and decides to leave without saying anything.