Home Business 5 Types of Commercial Warehouse Storage in Arizona You Should Know

5 Types of Commercial Warehouse Storage in Arizona You Should Know

5 Types of Commercial Warehouse Storage in Arizona You Should Know


Warehouses are highly important when it comes to the smooth functionality in the supply chain. Manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, ecommerce businesses, and distributers use warehouses. It help them to carry out the essential functions like goods storage, inventory control, and dispatch. Before you move forward to have solutions for your commercial warehouse storage in Arizona , you should know about the primary types of warehouse. Here they are:

Pallet racks

Pallet racks are the center of operation at a busy warehouse. Made from metal, wood, or plastic, these storage systems hold the inventory that a business ships in large boxes. Warehousing experts place these large boxes on your pallet racks with the use of forklift automation or allied mechanism. They do it based on the height of these boxes.  

Keep in mind that pallet racking is a broad term and it has many subcategories like double deep racking, coil racking, carton flow racking, cantilever racking, and narrow aisle racking. You or your warehouse expert will decide which pallet racking should be used based on adaptability and weight limits. Warehouses with a type of SKUs or a movement of large volume products use such pallet racking systems. 

Mobile shelving

Love to streamline your entire warehouse or garage storage space?  Having a mobile shelving system in your warehouse will be beneficial for you. It will eliminate the need for human access aisles. In this storage system, the racks or the storage bases have wheels or sliding mechanism. These bases slide over the rails that experts install on the floor of your warehouse. Experts utilize control devices or motors to ensure the smooth movement of shelves and the movement is safe.   

Multi-tier racks

Are you a fond of vertical space? This type of commercial warehouse storage system is ideal for you. In the creation of this storage system, experts optimize the height of your warehouse. For example, placing or accessing inventory or goods from a height gets more convenient and easier. Further, this storage system facilitates you to maximize the storage space. It is ideal for you if you are willing to have a direct access to all the SKUs your staff is looking for. 

Static shelving

As per its name, the structures of this shelving system are designed to stay in a static form. Experts place such structures as per the design. These structures occupy certain space in your garage or warehouse. Even they can hold items of thousands of pounds, these shelves are mainly for light weighted goods. While storing goods, you need to keep the capacity of each shelf in mind.  

Mezzanine flooring 

As a free-standing and elevated platform, this warehouse storage system offers an extra floor, which lies between the ceiling and the ground level. You can consider it as a subtype of garage overhead storage solutions in Arizona. These structures are made of metals like iron and steel and have a use of screws and nuts & bolts. 


As per their uses and structures, commercial warehouses are of several different types. The above-mentioned types are as per the structures and space optimization requirements. You can choose one as per your actual needs.