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4 Major Things to Know Before Taking Home DNA Tests

4 Major Things to Know Before Taking Home DNA Tests


DNA testing is becoming increasingly popular these days. As the ability to test your DNA becomes more common through DNA testing kits at home, people are doing their own DNA tests for different purposes in the comfort of their homes at far more affordable prices.

Whether you want to understand your risk for certain diseases, learn more about your family heritage, or discover unknown relatives, these DNA testing kits are appealing to all our curious sides.

However, before you swab your saliva and get your DNA test done, we recommend understanding a few things about DNA testing at home. We will discuss the caveats of at-home DNA testing to help you make a more well-informed decision when you’re purchasing a DNA testing kit.

4 Things to Know Before Taking a Home DNA Test

Here are some of the things to know before taking DNA tests at home. Knowing these things will clear any misconceptions and give you a better idea of what to expect when you are getting your DNA test done.

1. These tests don’t tell your entire genetic story

As DNA testing technology becomes better, scientists are able to tell more about the basic building blocks of life. However, it’s important to understand that DNA tests at a DNA testing lab in Marietta cannot tell your entire genetic story yet. Each person’s genome is made of around three billion base pairs, which are the basic components of DNA.

Comprehensively mapping the entire sequence of an individual’s genome used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. At-home DNA testing kits are not a complete picture, but they can provide a quick snapshot of different spots in a person’s genome.

The growth of the industry is gradually reducing the cost of DNA testing. There might come a time when the cost of sequencing an individual’s entire genome could be just a few hundred dollars.

2. The test results can vary

The most popular use people have for DNA testing kits at home, especially when conducted by a reputable DNA testing lab in Marietta, is to learn more about their ethnic heritage and ancestry. However, it’s crucial to understand that results can vary between different testing kits.

For instance, the DNA test can undoubtedly tell you that you have Italian heritage. However, it cannot tell you exactly how much Italian you have in use. Different DNA testing kits can take different snapshots of your genome. It means that they might not be sequencing the same parts of your genome, and the results you get can vary between different types of tests.

For instance, one test might tell you that you are 40% Italian, while the other might show that you are 56% Italian. That being said, the DNA test results are still accurate when it comes to matching your DNA against a database to find a family match.

3. You should be responsible for the information you get

DNA tests, including those for a paternity test in Marietta, GA, can be incredibly useful for health-related reasons and understanding family connections. If your DNA test, conducted by a DNA testing lab in Marietta, reveals health risks or familial connections, it’s essential to consult with a medical professional or family law expert, depending on the nature of your findings.

However, the presence of indicators of health risks does not necessarily mean you are doomed to develop the health condition. There is a chance for false positives as well. If you find anything problematic in your result, we recommend consulting with a qualified medical professional before acting on the information.

4. There are laws to prevent DNA discrimination

It’s important to know that there are laws designed to protect you from discrimination based on your DNA. However, when it comes to a paternity test in Marietta, GA, understanding your rights and the legal implications of your test results is crucial.

For instance, a life insurance company can legally refuse to issue you a policy if they find out you have a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation. This also highlights the importance of being responsible for the information you get from the DNA test results.

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How accurate are the paternity tests conducted at DNA testing labs in Marietta?

Paternity tests conducted at DNA testing labs in Marietta, GA, are highly accurate, typically offering results with more than 99% certainty. These tests analyze multiple genetic markers to ensure the reliability of the outcome.

Can I use the results from a home DNA test kit for legal purposes in Marietta, GA?

Results from home DNA test kits are not generally admissible in court for legal matters in Marietta, GA. For legal purposes, such as custody or child support cases, you must undergo DNA testing at a certified DNA testing lab in Marietta that follows the proper chain of custody procedures.